Tuesday, July 05, 2016

one month to Rio

can't believe it is one more month to the Rio Olympics. wow. some last minute qualifying happening. there is a last chance mens basketball tournament happening in the Phillipines and i believe the winner advances to the games. the U.S. track and field trials have been happening. the U.S. swimming trials i believe are now done. the Canadian athletics trials are this weekend in Edmonton. there are still some issues with the water where the sailing event is happening. there are plans to skim the water. but they will go back to leaving the crud in the water once the games are done, which is disappointing. and with Brazil in a serious recession, there has been no money to fix the problem, which is even worse. i don't know how the security is going to work out. even with the presidential event happening the last couple of months is there in a smaller scale now, but i think is still there. and the zika virus has been public, with some athletes pulling out afraid of getting the disease. that part is understandable. with Brazil being in the southern hemisphere, they are heading into the winter season. with cooler weather, the zika virus may be dampened somewhat. i am still looking forward to the games though. i am looking forward to seeing Canada's final roster and who the flagbearer will be. it will be interesting to see how many medals Canada will win. who will win the most individual medals? which nation will have the most medals? how many records - Olympic and world - will fall? the Rio summer Olympics are August 5-21. tune in then. follow along on www.cbc.ca to keep up.

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