Tuesday, March 20, 2018

first day of spring

spring has arrive - or it will at 10:15 am here.  soon all the snow will melt away and we will see green grass and green on trees.  cant wait for that to happen.

Sunday, March 18, 2018

The paralympics are done

The flame is out.  The speeches made.  Performances are done.  The handover made.  The closing cerenonies are done and so are the paralympics.  Canada finished with 28 medald (8g, 4s, 16b).  Great games for Canada.

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Sledge hockey silver

A thriller that went into OT.  The U.S. beat Canada 2-1, giving Canada A silver.  That is bow 8g 4s and 16b for 28.  A damn good haul.

Skiing to silver

Mollie Jepsen has a silver in the standing slalom event.  Thay is 8g, 3s and 16b for 27 medals.  Yay.

Cross country bronze

Collin Cameron and Brian McKeever has a bronze in the 4x5km relay.   Yes. That is now 8g 2s and 16b for 26 total.  4 events left.

Mixed relay silver

The team of Mark Arendz, Chris Klebl, Natalie Wilkie and Emily Young won silver in The 4x2.5km Mixed relay.  Arendz has 6 medals here.  That is now 8g 2s and 15b for 25 total.  Last day is not done yet.

on st. patricks day, the flag bearer for the closing ceremonies is......

Mark Arendz.  1g,1s and 3b will do that.  he has had an excellent games.  awesome and congrats to Mark.  he will carry it proudly.

Happy St. Patricks day to all viewers and readers.  just don't get too carried away with the green beer haha.  cheers!!

Friday, March 16, 2018

Golden broned skiiers

Natalie Wilkie won gold in the 7.5km classic event.  Emily Young won a bronze in the same event.  Wow.  That is now 8g, 1s and 15b for 24 medals.  Wow.

Bronze curlers

Our wheelchair picked up thr 14th bronze after beating South Korea in the bronze game. The 14th bronze goes with the 7g an 1s for 22 medals.  Yes.

Mark Arendz with another

Mark Arendz has his 5th medal AND third bronze, winning it in thr 10km classic standing.  That is now 7g, 1s And 13b for 21 total.  Wow.

McKeever golden again

Brian McKeever just won his second golden of the games in the 10km classic visually impaired event.  Awesome.  That is now 7g, 1s and 12 b for 20 medals.  This is now the most Canada has ever won at a paralympics.

a golden biathlete overnight

Mark Arendz wins his 4TH medal of the games taking gold in the mens 15 km  standing event.  he has 1g, 1s and 2b.  Canada now has 6g, 1s and 12b for 19 medals.  wow.  only two days of the paralympics left.

Thursday, March 15, 2018

A pair of bronzed biathletes

The first bronze goes to Collin Cameron in The 15km sitting even.  His second medal of The games.   The second bronze goes to Brittany Hudek in The 12.5 km standing even.   That is now 5g, 1s and 12  for 18 medal.  Wheee

first day of ncaa tourney

opening day so far and the first upset has happened with #11 Loyola-Chicago beat #6 Miami 64-62.  more games continue tonight with maybe some more upsets and some blowouts.  stay tuned.

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

wow 6 more medals

a big time haul of them last night.  a gold and 5 bronzes.  first the gold.  Brian McKeever wins his second of the games winning the 1.5 sprint classic visually impaired.  first bronze went to Mark Arendz, winning his third medal of the games in the mens 1.5 km sprint classic standing event.  second bronze went to Natalie Wilkie in the womens 1.5 km sprint classic standing.  the third bronze went to Mollie Jepsen who won her third medal of the games in the womens giant slalom standing event.  the 4th bronze went to Mac Marcoux, who won his second of the games mens giant slalom visually impaired event.  the 5th bronze went to Alexis Guimond in the mens giant slalom standing event. that makes the total 5g, 1s and 10b for 16 medals.  the most medals Canada at the paralympics is 19 in 2010.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

3 more medals overnight

Canada picked up three more medals over night.  Mollie Jepsen picks up her second medal of the games, winning gold in the standing super combined event.  awesome.  Mark Arendz also picks up his second medal of the games, winning a bronze in the 12.5km standing event in biathlon.  yay.  and the third medal goes to Alana Ramsay in the standing super combined event.  that is now 4g, 1s and 5b for 10 medals.  wheeeeeeeeee.