Wednesday, June 30, 2010

end of june already. good golly miss molly

man, june flew by like nothing. lets see, theres was the world cup, which is still happening with the quarterfinals on friday and saturday, the blackhawks winning the stanley cup, the lakers winning the nba championship, four car races with jimmie johnson winning two of them and loads of baseball. the nhl draft happend and the oilers taking taylor hall with the first overall choice.. coming up, the end of the world cup, the cfl season starts, the mlb all star game and other games around it, more nascar beginning saturday night in daytonaand free agent frenzy tomorrow. its a happening july already.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

round of 16 part four

the final day of the round of sixteen began witha great game between paraguay and japan. this one went scorless right to the penalty kicks. paraguay won it 5-3. only japan missed when one oftheir players hit the crossbar. anyways paraguay will face either portugal or spain. that game is at 12:30.

update: spain beat portugal 1-0 and will face paraguay on saturday

Monday, June 28, 2010

round of 16 part 3

the netherlands have knocked out slovakia with a 2-1 win. slovakia got their goal on a penalty kick which ended up the last play of the game while the netherlands got a goal in each half. the netherlands will play the winner of the brazil vs chile game. that game is at 12:30.

update: brazil 3 chile 0. brazil vs netherlands on friday

Sunday, June 27, 2010

round of 16 part 2

germany just knocked out england 4-1 and will go to the quarter finals and will face either argentina or mexico. turning point was a goal england had got disallowed after it hit the crossbar and came down over the line. after that germany took over. argentina and mexico is at 12:30.

update: agrentina 3 mexico 1 argentina will face germany on saturday.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

round of 16 part one

uruguay just beat south korea 2-1 to advance to the quarter finals and will face either ghana or the united states. that game is at 12:30.

update: ghana defeats the u.s. 2-1 in extra time. ghana got the winner early in the first half of extra time and hung on to it after the full half hour of extra time. ghana will now face uruguay in one quarter final game on july 2.

Friday, June 25, 2010

arizona's no hitter

edwin jackson of the arizona diamondbacks threw a no hitter against the tampa bay rays in a 1-0 arizona win. the fourth no hitter of the year already. one in april, the two perfect games in may and this one. quite the company jackson has joined.
world cup day 15

the final day of group stage is half done. brazil and portugal played to a scoreless draw, this giving brazil top spot in group G with 7 points, while portugal finished second with 5 points. in the other group G game ivory coast defeated north korea 3-0 and finishes with 4 points while north korea finished with zero. brazil and portugal will face the top two from group H. the group H games are switzerland vs honduras and chile vs spain. group H games start at 12:30.

update: spain beat chile 2-1 and will finish first in group H with chile second. both have 6 pts but spain has goal differential (+2 to +1). switzerland and honduras ended their game with a scoreless tie. switzerland finishes third eith 4 pts and honduras finished with one. spain will play portugal in the round of 16 on tuesday and chile will get brazil on monday.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

world cup day 14

group F action produced the biggest shock as slovakia put the defending world cup champs out of it by beating italy 3-2. with paraguay tying new zealand 0-0, the final standing there has paraguay with 5 pts, slovakia with 4, new zealand with 3 and italy with 2. paraguay and slovakia are moving on and will face the top two of group E. so we will have new world cup champs. at 12:30 it is group E action with denmark playing japan and cameroon playing the netherlands.

update: japan beat denmark 3-1 while the netherlands beat cameroon 2-1. netherlands win the group with 9 pts, japan with 6, denmark with 3 and cameroon with 0. the netherlands will play slovakia on monday in the round of 16 and paraguay plays japan on tuesday. the rest of the round of 16 wil be determined tomorrow

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

world cup day 13

group C wrap up. the u.s, in the las minute of the game scores the only goal of the game (one earlier disallowed) and advances with a 1-0 win over algeria. also england defeated slovenia 1-0 to advance to the round of 16. the u.s. and england with 5 pts, slovenia with 4 and algeria with 1. the u.s. gets the group with most goals scored (u.s and england both hada +1 goal differential. u.s had 4 goals and england had 2). group D action is at 12:30.

update: group D action had australia beat serbia 2-1 and germany beat ghana 1-0. germany finishes first with 6 pts. ghana and australia finish with 4 pts and serbia finished with 3. ghana finishes second over australia based on on goal differential (ghana's 0 to australia's -3). after this germany plays england in the round of 16 on sunday while ghana plays the united states on saturday.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

world cup day 12

the beginning of the last group games began this morning. uruguay defeated mexico 1-0 while south africa defeated france 2-1. uruguay finishes on top of group A with 7 pts, mexico and south africa finishes with 4 and france gets one. mexico will finish second over south africa based on goal differencial (mexico +1 vs south africa -2). so uruguay and mexico move to the round of 16 and will play the top 2 from group B. group B games are: greece vs argentina and nigeria vs south korea. both games at 12:30.

update: argentina 2 greece 0 while nigeria and south korea was even at two. argentina finishes group B at 9 pts, south korea at 4, greece at 3 and nigeria at 1. argentina and south korea moves on to round of 16. argenina will face mexico on the 27th and uruguay will face south korea on the 26th. thats it for today

Monday, June 21, 2010

world cup day 11

this was one sided. portugal defeated north korea 7-0 and now has 4 pts in group G. brazil still has 6 pts and is already in the round of 16. with the goal difference between portugal and ivory coast (portugals +7 to ivory coast's -2), portugal will more than likely be in the round of 16. north korea has no points and is out and ivory coast has 1. oh by te way the netherlands are already in. chile vs switzerland is in a few minutes and spain vs honduras is at 12:30.

update: chile 1 switzerland 0. chile now has 6 pts while switzerland has 3.

update 2: spain 2 honduras 0. spain is tied with switzerland with 3 pts and honduras still has none.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

world cup day 10

paraguay put themselves in a spot to make the round of 16 with a 2-0 win over slovakia. they now have four points and leads group F with italy and new zealand coming out in a few minutes. brazil and the ivory coast round out the days action at 12:30.

update: new zealand hangs on and earns a tie with the current champs italy 1-1. new zealand and italy each have two points in group F, paraguay still leads with four and slovakia has one.

update 2: brazil defeeats ivory coast 3-1 and leads group G with 6 pts

Saturday, June 19, 2010

world cup day nine

in group D ghana earned a 1-1 tie with australia. combined with serbia beating germany yesterday, ghana leads with 4 pts, germany and serbia has 3 pts each and australia has one. in group E, the netherlands beat japan 1-0 and leads the group with 6 pts. japan has 3 pts. meanwhile denmark beat cameroon 2-1 and has 3 pts while cameroon has none. there she be for day nine.

Friday, June 18, 2010

world cup day 8

huge upset. serbia defeats germany 1-0. serbia's first ever world cup win while germany suffers it's first group loss since 1986 (other losses in playoffs). german player got a red card half hour into the game and a couple minutes later serbia scores. next up usa vs slovenia.

update: slovenia 2 usa 2. slovenia got their goals in the first half and looked good to win. the u.s. made a couple players changes and it worked. a goal early in the second half and a goal later got them even. next up england vs algeria at 12:30.

update 2: algeria 0 england 0. another lackluster game from england. algeria played well defensively

Thursday, June 17, 2010

los angeles lakers nba champions

the lakers have won their 16th championship with an 83-79 win over the celtics in game 7. a hard fought win tonight. theyre thie first team to win back to back since they won 3 in 2000, 2001 and 2002. kobe bryant won the bill russel trophy as playoff mvp. like the nhl, see ya in october.
a week into the world cup

the first game was a bit one sided. argentina led off the second games in group B with a 4-1 win over south korea. an own goal started the downslide for the koreans. coming up in a bit is greece and nigeria to round up group B and at 12:30 is france and mexico to finish group A.

update: greece 2 nigeria 1. turning point was the nigeria player getting a red card leaving them with 10 players. greece then turned it on. and got their two goals and the play as well. they are tied with south korea with 3 pts while argentina has 6 and leads the group B.

update 2: mexico 2 france 0. mexico and uruguay each has 4 pts and will play each other on the 22 for top spot in the pool.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

world cup day 6

chile snapped a lengthy drought with a 1-0 win over honduras in nelspruit. chile's last win was 1962 against yugoslavia. 48 years and 13 games ago. coming up in a bit to wrap up group H will be spain vs switzerland. at 12:30 will be south africa vs uruguay from pretoria to begin group A action and the second games.

update: switzerland 1 spain 0. swizterland beats spain for the first time ever. spain carried the play yet couldn't put the ball in the net. switzerland and chile each have 3 pts in group H.

update 2: uruguay begins the second round of round robin games with a 3-0 win over south aftrica. uruguay leads group A with 4 pts.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

nba finals game 6

the l.a. lakers evend the series at three games with a convincing 89-67 win over the celtics in los angeles. boston is now 1 for 8 in games in which they had a chance to wrap the series up on the road since 2008. game 7 is thursday night for all the marbles
world cup day 5

what a finish to the first game of day five. slovakia opens the scoring in the 50th minute. getting late in the game slovakia was sure to win when new zealand pulls one out of the hat and evens it in the 90th +3rd added extra minute to get the draw. all four teams (new zealand, slovakia, italy and paraguay) in group F has a point. coming up in 33 minutes it will be ivory coast vs portugal to begin group G and at 12:30 it will be brazil vs north korea to round out group G.

update: ivory coast 0 portugal 0. tight game this one and very entertaining.

update: 2: brazil 2 north korea 1. brazil tops group G with 3 pts

Monday, June 14, 2010

world cup day 4

earlier this morning the netherlands beat denmark 2-0 to start group E action. right now about the second half from bloemfontein its japan leading cameroon 1-0 in the other group E game. later, italy and paraguay wrap up the days action in group F.

update: japan 1 cameroon 0. cameroon had great chancec to even it late. japan's goalie stopped one at the crucial time. japan and the netherlands each have three points in group E.

update 2: italy 1 paraguay 1. thats it for day 4

Sunday, June 13, 2010

nba finals game 5

the celtics pulled out a win in game five winning 92-86. they led as much as 13 in the fourth quarter before the lakers made a game of it. the celtics can wrap it up in los angeles tuesday night.
more world cup

in polokwane, a late goal by robert koren in the 79th minute gave slovenia a 1-0 win over algeria and the group C lead. 3 points for them, england and the us has one and algeria with none. right now from pretoria, its serbia vs ghana. theyre in the 13th minute and at 12:30 from durban, it will be germany and australia to close out group D. updates on those games later.

update: ghana 1 serbia 0. ghana gets it on a penalty kick in the 85th minute after a hand ball by serbia. ball hit the hand of the serb player.

update 2: germany 4 australia 0. germany owned this one. thats it for day 3

Saturday, June 12, 2010

world cup day two

first match of the day just ended with south korea defeating greece 2-0 in port elizabeth. greece still has yet to score as they didnt score in the first world cup appearance in 1994. it's also south koreas second world cup win on foreign soil (they did well on home soil in 2002 even though they didn't win it all). next game in roughly 40 minutes in johannesburg between argentina and nigeria. update on that later.

update: argentina 1 nigeria 0. great chances by both sides even though argentina had the play. argentina and south korea lead group B with 3 points each. coming up at 12:30 is england vs usa in rustenburg to start group C action.

update 2: england 1 usa 1. thats it for day two.

Friday, June 11, 2010

world cup in south africa is on

yep, the biggest soccer (football outside north america) tournament is already underway with the first game already played this morning in johannesburg. south africa got the first goal of the tournament, but mexico tied it to cap a 1-1 tie to begin the tournament. right now in cape town, uruguay and france are underway. scoreless so far. update later.

update: uruguay 0 france 0. all four teams in group A with one point.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

nba finals game 4

the celtics just put the finishing touches of a 96-89 win over the lakers and also evened the series at two games a piece. looked like a pretty tight game. game 5 is sunday night in boston.

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

blackhawks win stanley cup

patrick kane scored 4:10 into overtime to give the blackhawks a 4-3 win and a 4 games to 2 series win. they won their first stanley cup since 1961. man 49 years is a long time. jonathon toews won the conn smythe trophy as playoff mvp. see ya in october ;)

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

nba finals game 3

the lakers are up two games to one with a 91-84 win in boston. i didnt see it. looked close. game four is thursday in boston.

Sunday, June 06, 2010

stanley cup game 5, nba finals game 2

the blackhawks won game five 7-4 in what turned out to be a pretty good game dustin byfugulen (sp?) scored the hattrick in the win. chicago leads the series three games to two with game 6 in philadelphia.

at the same time the boston celtics evened the nba finals with a 103-94 win over the los angeles lakers. series tied at one. game three is june 8 in boston.

Friday, June 04, 2010

stanley cup game 4

the flyers have tied the series at two with a 5-3 win. and did they ever hang on to win. chicago almost tied the game at four, but michael leighton got help from the goal post. game five is sunday night in chicago.

Thursday, June 03, 2010

nba finals game one

the l.a. lakers just put the finishing touches of a 102-89 win over the boston celtics to open the nba finals. kobe bryant had 30 pts in the game and got scored the last points with a 3 point shot. game 2 is on sunday night in los angeles.

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

stanley cup game 3

the flyers got themselves in the series with a much needed 4-3 win in overtime from what i heard philly carried some of the game. anyways game 4 in philly on friday.