Tuesday, July 26, 2016

1980 summer olympics

Moscow was host of these games. they were held from July 19 to August 3. 80 nations were at these games. this was the U.S. led boycott due to the USSR invasion of Afghanistan. at U.S. president Jimmy Carter's insistence, 65 nations boycotted. some of the nations that were at the games participated under the Olympic flag. Allan Wells of Great Britain beat out Silvio Leonard of Cuba in the 100m event. they both had a time of 10.25s and a photo finish was used here. Poland's Wladiyslaw Kozakiewicz won the pole vault with a jump of 5.78m (19 ft). it ended up being a world record jump - the second time a world record fell at the Olympics. with jeers and whistles going on during this event (there were pleas for silence from the P.A. announcer) Kozakiewicz responded, after his gold medal jump, with an obscene bent elbow gesture. Teofilo Stevenson of Cuba won the heavyweight boxing gold for the third consecutive games. and the only boxer to win gold in the same event in three games. world records fell 21 times in cycling. also in cycling, in the 4000m individual pursuit, the Olympic flag was flown for all t here medal positions (Switzerland with gold, France with silver and Denmark with bronze). France took four golds in fencing, an Olympic record in post WWII era. the USSR were favorites to win soccer gold, but ended up with bronze. Czechoslovakia won gold over East Germany. the oldest medallist was Romanian Petre Rosca in equestrian, at 57 years and 283 days old. the younges male gold medalist was Sandor Wladar of Hungary, who was 17 years and one week old. Poland won its first swimming medal. Australia's Michelle Ford won the 800m freestyle by more than four seconds over her East German rivals. Canada was one of the 65 nations that boycotted these game so no medals. tomorrow - the 1984 games. below is the logo for 1980.

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