Friday, July 15, 2016

1928 summer olympics

the 1928 summer games were in Amsterdam, Netherlands. they were held form July 28 to August 12. 46 nations participated in these games. these were the first under new IOC president Henri de Baillet-Latour. the Olympic flame was lit for the first time. the parade of nations also began at these games. Greece led the parade as they still do today. athletics started using the standard 400m track. the first games to use the 16 day schedule. Paavo Nurmi of Finland won his 9th and final medal in the 10,000m. Canada's Percy Williams stunned everyone and won the 100m and 200m events. South American soccer (football everywhere else) made a breakthrough when Uruguay and Argentina played in the gold medal game. Uruguay defended its gold from 1924. Mikia Oda of Japan became the first Asian person to win a gold, winning the triple jump with a distance of 15.21m (49 ft 11 in). Coca-Cola made its first appearance as Olympic sponsor. these games were the first to bear the name "summer Olympics." the first parking signs were introduced. many cars were expected in Amsterdam, but they didn't have single parking places larger than for 2000 cars. so for visitors, signs were made to let them know where to park. as the Sumatra Post explained, it was a blue sign with a white P inside it. women's athletics and gymnastics were introduce here. as of May of this year, there is still one person living from those games. Clara Marangoli of Italy won a silver in gymnastics despite being 12 years old. she is now 100. wow. Canada won 15 medals (4g, 4s, 7b) at these games. two posters were made. the one on the left is the official one. the one on the right is the IOC made one.

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