Tuesday, November 30, 2004

TROOPER musings

here i am wasting a tuesday night listening to trooper and just doing a little head clearing. while doing this, i get a notion to check trooper.com to see which c.d's (unless they are still albums. i still want the c.d's) i'm missing. i have 6 of the 10 released. the four i need: trooper (self titled, relax), untitled (don't ask, i don't even know), money talks and ten. they wont be in any canadian stores, it is explained somewhere on their website. theres songs on those albums (or c.d's) i've never heard except for 2 from the trooper album. the 2 on that album i know. they are "baby woncha please come home" and "general hand grenade." who knows where the albums are.
end of november already

already the end of november. i still haven't figured out where it went. and no snow on top of that. december should be interesting. i'm not looking forward to boxing day (i wonder why) smd im looking forward to new years. new years day im off so im staying up new years eve.

Friday, November 26, 2004

a very unenergized day

i didnt have a great day. i felt so physically exhausted, i felt unmotivated to do anything at work. i almost had to force myself to work. even some of my co-workers noticed. once i started to head home after my shift, i got to relax. now that i'm home, i can relax some more. i've got my christmas lights on, which will help.

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

christmas stuff part 2

the rest of my christmas stuffwent up last night. well lit room with all the lights. hmmm i wonder if i should add more to my room. hmmmm

Monday, November 22, 2004

christmas decoration attack part 1

my annual christmas room decoration has begun. just put the wraps on part one tonight. part two tommorow. christmas season has begun.
provincial election

ralph klein is returning as premier of alberta. th progressive conservatives have a majority in the legislature. they lost some seats, but still has over 60 seats going. most of the polls have been counted, yet its enough. another 4 years of ralph klein.
nascar season finale and grey cup

kurt busch is the 2004 nascar nextel cup points champion. he won it by finishing 5th in todays race (the season finale). he won by 8 points over jimmie johnson and 16 over jeff gordon. greg biffle won the final race of the year.

the toronto argonauts are the 2004 grey cup champions by defeating the b.c. lions 27-19 in ottawa today. the game was pretty close throughout. so two different seasons are over. now my sundays became a little more free (like talking to my girlfriend in delta b.c.)

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

a sad day for air farce fans

john morgan has passed away. he was an original member of the "royal canadian air farce." (dont get it confused with air force). he was 74. some of his best known characters were "jock mcbile" and "mike from canmore." he retired from the show in 2001. roger abbott, luba goy and don ferguson are also on the show. i think there'll be an "air farce tribute" for john hosted by roger, luba and don.

Thursday, November 11, 2004

rememberance day (veterans day in u.s.)

remeberance day was observed today. memorials happened all over the city and the country. good to remember the sacrifices the vets made in the wars. i just hate working it. i know this is gonna sound cold, but it was just another wasted holiday that i had to work. any holiday that i work i consider wasted - except for christmas and new years. christmas is obvious. new years is the only time i can get away with stayng up half the night. until then...

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

the northern lights

wow. a late night blog. i was out with a friend and we ended up seeing the northern lights. i love the northern lights. they are so fun to watch when they light up the night sky and dance the way they do. neat.

Saturday, November 06, 2004

a man and his laundry

not much happening here. getting my laundry done and enjoyng a free saturday night and playing some tunes. so far ive played trooper and rebecca st. james. i just may decide to go to bed early tonight as well. with no nhl hockey happening, a free saturday sometimes helps. geez a strange thing to say coming from this sports fan, doncha think.

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

u.s. election

george w. bush was re-elected as president of the u.s. i just hope he re-opens the border for our cattle. i doubt that will happen for awhile though. the results were announced this morning. i guess its okay. i just didn't know enough of john kerry to want to have him as president. i guess its bush for four more years.

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

christmastime already?

i show up for work yesterday morning, and what do i see? christmas stuff hanging from the ceiling on both floors at west edmonton mall. personally, im not ready for it AT ALL!! i've even noticed some of the stores have their christmas stock out. (by the way the store christmas stock comes out at the beginning of october. i guess they need a head start to sell it). im not ready. there's like 3 nascar races left and a grey cup game on the 21st. well, let the christmas games begin.