Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Preds hunt down Ducks - on the ice anyways

the Nashville Predators are the last team into the second round after beating the Anaheim Ducks 2-1 in game seven and the series four games to three in the series. they will now face the San Jose Sharks next, with the series starting on the 29th in San Jose. that might be another good series

100 days to go

100 days to the opening ceremonies and the beginning of the 2016 summer olympics in Rio De Janeiro. there have been some test runs at some of the stadiums. other ones are close to ready and of course, just like ever other olympics, concerns have come up. such as the water and the Zika virus. and even the threat of Brazil's president being overthrown. hopefully they will be corrected in time. i am hoping for what Brazil usually puts on - a pretty good bash.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

the official Tokyo olympic and paralympic logo - again

this is their second official logo. this was after their previous logo was found to be plagarizing the logo of a hotel in Belgium. they ended up scrapping it and held a contest for a brand new one. the field was narrowed to four on the 8th of this month and this was chosen yesterday. hopefully this one sticks.

Monday, April 25, 2016

St. Louis makes Chicago sing the game 7 Blues

this should never have gotten this far but it did. in the end the Blues eliminate the Chicago Blackhawks in game seven 3-2 and the series four games to three the Blues had a 3-1 series lead and Chicago battled back to even it. the Blues will now face the Dallas Stars with the series starting in Dallas.

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Islanders declaw Panthers

it took to double overtime, but the New York Islanders are going to the second round by beating the Florida Panthers 2-1 in game six and the series four games to two. it is the Islanders first playoff series win since 1993 when they got to the conference finals before losing to Montreal. next up, the Islanders play the Tampa Bay Lightning, with the series starting in Tampa Bay.

Stars tame Wild

in a pretty good series, the third period ended up making this game a thriller. Dallas was up 4-0 after two periods and ended up winning 5-4 in game six of this series. the Stars took the series over the Minnesota Wild four games to two and will now await the winner of the St. Louis vs Chicago series. game seven of that series is tomorrow.

Washington delivers Capital punishment on Flyers

the Washington Capitals had a scare in the series, but hung on to win it today with a 1-0 win in game 6 and beating the Philadelphia Flyers four games to two. Washington ended up in a battle after going three games up. they will face the Pittsburgh Penguins in the next round, with the series starting in Washington. schedule to be announced after the first round is over.

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Penguins waddle over Rangers

the Pittsburgh Penguins are into the second round after beating the New York Rangers 6-3 and the series four games to one in the series. this was all Pittsburgh this series. third playoff meeting in a row and they finally beat the Rangers. they will now face either Washington or Philadelphia. game six of that series is tomorrow.

Friday, April 22, 2016

Sharks bite Kings, moves on to second round

the San Jose Sharks crowned the Los Angeles Kings four games to one after winning game 5 6-3. they pretty much had control of the series. they had play for two of the three periods tonight and still won. they await the winner of the Anaheim vs Nashville series. that series is tied at two. who will join San Jose and Tampa Bay? stay tuned.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

first no hitter of the year goes to..................

Jake Arrieta of the Chicago Cubs. he walked four and struck out six in the 16-0 win in Cincinnati. he threw 119 pitches in his second career no-hitter. the Cubs hit 5 homers in the game on top of that. congrats to Jake Arrieta.

Lightning strikes Red Wings

the Tampa Bay Lightning are the first team to advance to the second round by winning game 5 1-0 and the series four games to one. second year in a row the Lightning knocked out the Red Wings. the Lightning will face either the Florida Panthers or New York Islanders.

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Kevin Koe world champ

Kevin Koe and his team from Calgary was won the world curling championships after beating out Denmark 5-3 in Switzerland. first championship since Glenn Howard did it in 2012. congrats.

Wednesday, April 06, 2016

farewell to Rexall Place aka Northlands Coliseum

last ever game at Rexall Place aka Northlands Coliseum was played tonight as the Oilers beat the Canucks 6-2. afterwords there was a ceremony with almost 200 former players from the WHA days to todays players. some of the players talked of their memories. first ever game at Northlands was November 10, 1974 as the Oilers beat the Cleveland Crusaders (not sure of the score) Leon Draisitl of the Oilers got the last ever goal. next season will be in Rogers Centre to begin new hockey moments.

has it been that long?

today marks the 120th anniversary of the start of the first modern day games in Athens, Greece. April 6th 1896 began it all. it was nine days long then. along with the opening ceremony, five events took place that day, all mens: 100m, triple jump, 800m, discus throw and 400m. and in four months from now will be the 31st edition of the summer games - this time in Rio de Janeiro.

Monday, April 04, 2016

gold medal thriller

this was also a pretty good and nerve wrecking game. it went scoreless into over time, but Alexandra Carpenter won the game in overtime as the United States beat Canada 1-0 to win the women's world hockey championships. great chances on both sides and goalies Emerance Mashmeyer of Canada and Alex Rigsby of the U.S were outstanding. next year the tournament is in Plymouth Michigan.

Villanova wins on buzzer beater

the Villanova Wildcats has won the NCAA Championship game 77-74 after scoring a buzzer beater three pointer as time expired to win the game. wow. this after North Carolina tied it with a three pointer with 4 seconds left. what a finish. congrats to Villanova.

women's world championship bronzed

this was a pretty close and tight game. went through three periods scoreless. overtime solved nothing. Russia scores two out of three to win the bronze 1-0 over Finland. great chances for both teams throughout the game. congrats to Russia for winning bronze

Saturday, April 02, 2016

Tarheels in championship game

Syracuse tried to keep it close, but North Carolina is in the championship game after beating the Orange 83-66. the Tarheels will be playing the Villanova Wildcats on Monday night for the NCAA championship. it should be a good one. then there were two. one game left. who will take it?

Villanova dominates Oklahoma

the Villanova Wildcats are in the championship game after CONVINCINGLY beating Oklahoma 95-51. this is the largest margin of victory since 1979 when Michigan State beat Penn by 34. wow. who will Villanova face? North Carolina vs Syracuse starts in about half an hour.