Sunday, May 29, 2016

100th running of Indianapolis 500

Alexander Rossi has just won the 100th running of the Indianapolis 500. he is the first rookie to win it since 2001 when Helio Castroneves to do it. he had barely enough gas to win it. he ran out on the cool down lap so he got a tow to victory lane. the winners wreath and a bottle of milk await him there. congrats to Alexander Rossi, Indianapolis 500 winner.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Pens knock out Lightning

the Pittsburgh Penguins are into the stanley cup final after beating Tampa Bay 2-1 in game seven. they will start the Stanley Cup finals at home on Monday night against San Jose. then no more hockey.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Sharks bite Blues, reach Stanley Cup

the San Jose Sharks are making their first ever trip to the Stanley Cup after beating the St. Louis Blues 5-2 in game six and the series four games to two. they will await the winner of the Tampa Bay vs Pittsburgh series. game seven is tomorrow night in Pittsburgh

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Canada wins gold, Russia with bronze

earlier in the day, Russia ran away with the bronze, winning 7-2 over the U.S. pretty good way to finish in their host country. meanwhile, Canada wins a very close gold medal game winning 2-0 over a very good Finland team. Connor McDavid with the game winner. their first back to back since 2003 and 2004. Corey Perry became the 27th player to join the triple crown (stanley cup, world championship and olympic gold). congrats to Canada

Saturday, May 21, 2016

141st Preakness Stakes

on a sloppy, wet track, Exaggerator won the 141st Preakness in a time of 1:58.31 handing Nyquist his first loss. Exaggerator became the first Kentucky Derby runner up to win the Preakness since 1993 when Prairie Bayou pulled the trick. Kent Desormeaux was the winning jockey. no triple crown winner this year. the Belmont Stakes is in three weeks, on June 11th

semi final Saturday part two

this was quite a hockey game. Canada led 2-0 after first period. the U.S. scored three in a row to go up 3-2 before Canada tied it at three before the second period ended. Ryan Ellis scored the only goal of the third as Canada won 4-3 to put themselves into the gold medal game against Finland in a rematch from the preliminary round. the U.S. will face Russia for bronze. that will wrap up the tournament.

semi final Saturday part one

Finland is onto the gold medal game after beating host Russia 3-1. Russia started the game on fire and scoring the first goal. Finland got their first shot of the game eleven minutes into the game. Finland eventually settled down and shut down the Russians. two of Finland's three goals were on the power play. Finland will play the winner of the U.S. vs Canada semi final game, while Russia will plat the loser for bronze.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

quarter final Thursday

all the quarter finals are in. the U.S. will play Canada in one semi final. the U.S. beat the Czechs in a shootout 2-1 in a tight defensive game, while Canada beat Sweden 6-0. the other semi final has Finland vs Russia. Finland beat Denmark 5-1 while Russia beat Germany 4-1. Finland vs Russia is at 7:15 am Edmonton time and Canada vs the U.S. is at 11:15 am Edmonton time. semi finals are Saturday.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

final day of round robin

a good final day of round robin. Czech Republic beat Switzerland 5-4, Norway beat Latvia 3-1 and Russia beat Sweden 4-1 to round out Group A. Czech Republic wins group A with 18, Russia also had 18, but the Czechs had beaten Russia during round robin, Sweden with 13, Denmark with 11, Norway and Switzerland with 8, Latvia with 6 and Kazakhstan with 2. Kazakhstan is relegated. in group B, Slovakia beat the U.S. in overtime 3-2, Belarus beat France 3-0 and Finland beat Canada 4-0. Finland takes group B with 21 pts, Canada has 18, then Germany with 13, the U.S. with 10, Slovakia with 8, Belarus with 6, France with 5, and Hungary with 3. Hungary is relegated. Slovenia and Italy will be coming up for next years tournament. the quarter finals has: the Czech Republic vs the U.S. at 7:15 am, Finland vs Denmark, also at 7:15am, Canada vs Sweden at 11:15am and Russia vs Germany, also at 11:15am. all times Edmonton time. quarter finals are on Thursday.

Monday, May 16, 2016

day 11 of hockey championships

eleven days in its picking up. in Moscow, Russia beat Norway 3-0 while Denmark beat Kazakhstan 4-1. Czech Republic and Russia each have 15 pts, Sweden with 13, Denmark with 11, Switzerland with 8, Latvia with 6, Norway with 5 and Kazakhstan with 2. tomorrows games have Czech rep vs Swizterland to decide the final quarter final spot and the group, Latvia vs Norway and Russia vs Sweden to decide the top three. in St. Petersburgh, Canada beat France 4-0 while Germany beat Hungary 4-2. Finland and Canada each have 18 pts, Germany with 13 and will finish third irregardless of the games tomorrow, the U.S. with 9, Slovakia with 6, France with 5 and Belarus and Hungary with three each. tomorrow has the U.S. vs Slovakia for the final quarter final spot, France vs Belarus to decide whether Belarus or Hungary gets relegated (Hungary has the tie break should they and Belarus have teh same amount of points), and Finland vs Canada to decide who finishes first and second.

Sunday, May 15, 2016

world championships day 10

in Moscow, both games went to the shootout. Denmark beat the Czech Republic 3-2, while Sweden beat Switzerland 3-2 as well. the Czech Republic leads the group with 15 pts, Sweden with 13, Russia with 12, Denmark and Switzerland have 8, Latvia with 6, Norway with 5 and Kazakhstan with 2. the Czech Rep., Sweden and Russia are in the quarter finals. in St. Petersburg, Germany beat the U.S. 3-2 and Finland beat Slovakia 5-0. Finland sits atop the group with 18 pts, Canada with 15, Germany with 10, the U.S. with9, Slovakia with 6, France with 5, Hungary and Belarus with 3 each. Finland, Canada and Germany are in the quarter finals. tomorrow has Russia vs Norway, Denmark vs Kazakhstan, Canada vs France and Germany vs Hungary.

Saturday, May 14, 2016

day 9 of world championships

in Moscow, Sweden beat Norway 3-2, Russia beats Switzerland 5-1 and Latvia beat Kazakhstan 2-1.the Czech Rep. still leads the group with 14 pts, then Russia with 12, Sweden with 11, Switzerland with 7, Denmark and Latvia with 6, Norway with 5 and Kazakhstan with 2. Kazakhstan has been relegated to division 1A. meanwhile in St. Petersburg, Finland beat France 3-1, Hungary beat Belarus, and Canada beat Slovakia 5-0. the win by Hungary was its first in 77 years. February 3 1939 was their last win, 8-1 over Belgium. Canada and Finland are still tied for first with 15 pts each, the U.S. has 9, Germany with 7, Slovakia with 6, France with 5, Hungary and Belarus each have 3. tomorrow has Denmark vs Czech Republic, Swizterland vs Sweden, Germany vs U.S. and Slovakia vs Finland.

Friday, May 13, 2016

world championships day eight

two good games in Moscow. Czech Republic beat Kazakhstan 3-1 while Denmark beat Latvia 2-1 in a shootout. what a goal to win that game. player pulled a Peter Forsberg move to win it. Czech Republic now has a quarter final spot with their win. they also lead the group with 14 pts. Russia follows with 9, Sweden with 8, Switzerland with 7, Denmark with 6, Norway with 5, Latvia with 3 and Kazakhstan with 2. in group B the U.S. beat Hungary 5-1, while Germany beat Belarus 5-2. Finland and Canada are still tied atop group B with 12 pts, the U.S. with 9, Germany with 7, Slovakia with 6, France with 5, Belarus with 3 and Hungary with non. tomorrow has six games: Norway vs Sweden, Russia vs Switzerland, Kazakhstan, France vs Finland, Hungary vs Belarus and Canada vs Slovakia. gonna be a good day tomorrow.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Sharks maul Preds.

game seven of this series was a no doubter as the San Jose Sharks beat the Nashville Predators 5-0 to advance to the western conference finals against the St. Louis Blues. this series starts May 15th in St. Louis. meanwhile the eastern conference finals start tomorrow in Pittsburgh

world hockey day seven

we are now a week into the world championships. and it has been pretty good. in Moscow, both games were not close. Czech Republic beat Norway while Russia smoked Denmark 10-1. Czech Republic sits atop with 11 pts, Russia has 9, Sweden with 8 and Switzerland with 7. meanwhile in St. Petersburg, the U.S. beat France 4-0, while Canada beat Germany 5-2. Germany gave Canada a run for their money. Finland and Canada are tied for first with 12 pts while Slovakia and the U.S. are tied for third with 6 pts. tomorrow has Czech Republic vs Kazakhstan, Denmark vs Latvia, U.S. vs Hungary and Germany vs Belarus.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Blues dim Stars

the St. Louis Blues are into the western conference final after thrashing the Dallas Stars 6-1 in game seven. they will be starting the conference finals at home against either San Jose or Nashville. game seven of that series is tomorrow. winner faces the Blues.

Lorenzo Cain in Kansas City company

Lorenzo Cain of the Kansas City Royals, last night became the third Royals player to hit three home runs in New York against the Yankees. he joins George Brett (October 1976) and Bo Jackson (July 1990) to do so. awesome.

day 6 of world championships.

in Moscow, Switzerland actually played a game that did not go into overtime as they beat Latvia 5-4. Sweden later beat Kazakhstan 7-3. Sweden and the Czech Republic have 8pts, Switzerland with 7 and Russia with 6 to round out the top four. in St. Petersburgh, Belarus stuns Slovakia 4-2 and Finland beat Hungary 3-0. it was scoreless for more than half the game before Finland opened the scoring 16 minutes into the second. Finland tops group B with 12 pts, then Canada with 9 then Slovakia with 6 and France with 5. tomorrow has Czech Rep vs Norway and Russia vs Denmark in group A, while the U.S plays France and Canada plays Germany.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Pens make Caps look small

the Pittsburgh Penguins are into the eastern conference finals after beating Washington 4-3 in overtime and the series four games to two. outstanding series for Pittsburgh taking out hte top team in the NHL. they will face the Tampa bay Lightning for the right to represent the east in the Stanley Cup final.

Monday, May 09, 2016

day 4 of world hockey championships

in Moscow, Russia shuts out Latvia 4-0 in the early game, and Czech Republic, trailing 0-2, scored 4 straight goals to beat Sweden 4-2. the Czechs i think are for real, already beating host Russia on opening day. they lead the group with 8pts, Russia with 6 and Sweden with 5. those three will be battling for top spot until the end of the round robin. meanwhile in St. Petersburgh, Canada blew out Belarus 8-0, while Finland beat the U.S. 3-2 in a pretty good game. The U.S. came back from 0-2 down to tie it before Finland scored the game winner on the power play. Canada and Finland are tied for first with 9 pts while Slovakia sits third with 6pts. Slovakia has played one less game though. tomorrow's games include Switzerland vs Denmark and Kazakhstan vs Norway in Moscow, while in St. Petersburg it is Slovakia vs Germany and Hungary vs France.

Sunday, May 08, 2016

Lightning sink Islanders

the Tampa Bay Lightning are into the Eastern Conference Final after beating the N.Y Islanders 4-0 in game five and the series four games to one. two of those games went into overtime. the Lightning will be starting on the road for the conference final, either against Pittsburgh or Washington. game six of that one is Tuesday in Pittsburgh.

world hockey championships day three

in Moscow, three games with Russia beating Kazakhstan 6-4, Norway beating Switzerland in overtime after Switzerland ties the game with 10 seconds left in the third and Sweden beating Denmark 5-2. Czech Republic and Sweden lead the Moscow group with 5pts each, Russia with three and Denmark, Kazakhstan, Norway, Switzerland and Latvia with 2pts. in St. Peterburg, Canada beat Hungary 7-1 to which after the post game ceremony and hearing the Canadian anthem, the Hungarian team came back out onto the blue line and some of the Hungarian fans sang their anthem. best moment period. later, Finland beat Germany 5-1 and Slovakia beat France 5-1. Canada, Finland and Slovakia are tied for first with 6 points, the U.S. with 3, France with 2, Germany with 1, and Belarus and Hungary with noe. that is day three.

Saturday, May 07, 2016

142nd Kentucky Derby

the 142nd Kentucky derby has been run and Nyquist has won it with a time of 2:01.31. Mario Guttierez is the winning jockey. it is his second derby win in his second start. the first jockey in 108 years. 8th different horse that came to the Kentucky Derby undefeated to win it and remain undefeated. next race is the Preakness on May 21st.

day two in the books

quite the day. in the Moscow group, Kazakhstan beat out Switzerland 3-2 in the shootout, Denmark beat Norway 3-0 and what turned out to be the game of the day, the Czech Republic beat Latvia in the shootout 4-3. Latvia was down 0-2, came back to go up 3-2, then the Czechs tied it to go to overtime. then the Czechs won in the shootout. they lead Group A with 5pts. in St. Petersburg, Slovakia beat Hungary 4-1, France beat Germany in a shootout 3-2 (this was a pretty good game as well) and the United States beat Belarus 6-3. Finland, Canada ans Slovakia are tied for first with three points. the U.S. also have three points, with two games played though. that is it for day two.

Friday, May 06, 2016

end of day one

day one is now in the books with the Czech Republic shuting out Russia 3-0 and Finland beating Belarus 6-2. the Moscow group has the Czech Rep with three points, Sweden with two, Latvia with one and Russia with none. in the St. Petersburg group, Canada and Finland have three points while Belarus and the U.S. have none. tomorrow has Swizterland vs Kazakhstan, Norway vs Denmark and Latvia vs Czech Republic in Moscow. in St. Petersburg Slovakia vs Hungary, France vs Germany and Belarus vs the U.S. until tomorrow, that is it.

day one of the 2016 IIHF world hockey championships

we are two games into day one of the world hockey championships. in group A, Latvia took Sweden into overtime, but lost 2-1. that was a battle. meanwhile in group B, Canada and the United States were close for half the game. the U.S. had the first goal of the game and Canada quickly tied it, and then eventually went up 2-1. the U.S. was carrying the play in the second when Matt Duschene made it 3-1 for Canada. Canada ended up winning 5-1. pretty good opening game for Canada. they play Hungary on Sunday, while the U.S. plays Belarus tomorrow. coming up in an hour - Russia vs Czech Republic in Moscow (group A) while in St. Petersburg, Finland will play Belarus in group B