Thursday, July 28, 2016

1988 summer olympics

Seoul, South Korea was host of these games. they were held from September 17 to October 2. 159 nations were at the games. these were the last under the Soviet Union and East Germany, as they will not exist at the next games. North Korea did not go as four of its allies. these were the last times live doves were used as some of them got burned alive after the cauldron got lit. Daniela Silivas of Romania won three golds in gymnastics and equalled Nadia Comeneci's seven perfect 10s. Florence Griffith Joyner sets Olympic records in the 100m (10.62) and 200m (21.34). the 200m record still stands. she also adds the 4 x 100m relay gold and the 4 x 400m relay silver. she then announces her retirement after the games. Ben Johnson wins the 100m event with a 9.79s time. he is found to have stanozolol in his system and is disqualified. today he claims he was sabotaged. I doubt it though. tennis makes a return and table tennis is added to the games. Lawrence Lemieux of Canada was in 2nd place in the sailing Finn class when he abandons the race to save another competitor. he eventually finishes in 21st. he is awarded the Pierre de Coubertin medal by the IOC for his bravery and sacrifice. Canada wins 10 medals (3g 2s 5b) at the games. tomorrow the 1992 games. below is the logo for 1988.

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