Friday, February 28, 2014

bloody cold end to february

already the end of february and it is going to be bone chilling cold to start march. -34 for a low overnight and -40s for windchill in parts of alberta and all of saskatchewan. even windchills of -50 in some places. its going to be dangerously cold all weekend. with the olympics coming and going, the super bowl and teh start of nascar. hopefully march warms up.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

closing ceremonies

the closing ceremonies are done, the flame is out and the winter olympics are done. quite a show. more russian history featuring a circus and a ballet performance. plus the handover ceremony from sochi to pyeongchang, south korea - the next winter games in 2018. the presentation wasn't too bad. so that is it for another winter olympics. canada finishes with 10g, 10s and 5b for 25 medals. that puts them third in gold totals and 4th overall. russia and norway finished first and second with 13 and 11 golds respectively. russia, the u.s. and norway finished ahead of canada with 33, 28 and 26. oh yeah, a pretty good fireworks show. next games coming up are the summer games in rio de janeiro in 2016 and the winter games in 2018 in pyeongchang. see you then

canada hockey gold

canada has beaten sweden 3-0 to claim back to back golds in mens hockey. jonathon toews, sidney crosby and chris kunitz scored for canada and carey price got the shutout. it is canada's 9th hockey gold and third with the pros. canada finishes with 10g 10s and 5b for 25 medals. it's going to be an all day party in canada.

flag bearers to close it out

kaillie humphries and heather moyse will carry the canadian flag to close out the games at the closing ceremonies later today. there were other choiced to do so but humphries and moyse were chosen. defending the gold would be one reason. congrats to both. they will carry it well.

Friday, February 21, 2014

curling goes gold again and short tracker gets bronzed

first the gold. brad jacobs beat david murdoch of great britain (scotland actually) 9-3 to win gold in curling. murdoch conceded after the ninth end. sweden beat china 6-4 to claim bronze. meanwhile charles cornoyer picked up a bronze in the mens 500m short track event. victor an of russia got the gold and dajing lu got silver. that is now 9g 10s and 5b for 24 medals. and only two days left. go canada go

golden silver ski cross

marielle thomson won gold and kelsey serwa won silver as they skiied their way to the medal podium. anna holmlund of sweden got the bronze. that is now 8g 10s and 4b for 22 medals already and the day is not done yet

Thursday, February 20, 2014

two golds on ice

first gold - the womens hockey team beating the u.s. 3-2 in overtime. the states had a 2-0 lead yet canada came back to send it to overtime where they won it on the powerplay. canada had a penalty, then the u.s. took two in a row in short order. that is what did it. the u.s. gets silver and switzerland got the bronze beating sweden 4-3. it is canada's fourth straight gold matching the mens soviet union team that won four straight in 1964, 1968, 1972 and 1976. meanwhile in curling jennifer jones beat sweden 6-3 to win gold there. canada basically ran sweden out of rocks in the 10th. jones became the first womens team to go undefeated through the entire tournament AND first womens curling gold for canada since 1998 when sandra schmirler did the job. that is now 7g 9s and 4b for 20 medals. wow.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

we have a golden bobsled team

kaillie humphries and heather moyse defended their vancouver gold by winning gold today in the two woman bobsled team. elana meyers and lauryn williams of the u.s. ended up with a silver (from what i head they were leading but had a couple of swipes on their last run that cost them time). aja evans and jamie greubel got the bronze. canada now has 5g 9s and 4b for 18 medals.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

skier strikes silver on halfpipe

edmonton guy mike riddle won the first silver in the ski halfpipe even. yet another medal in a new event. cool. david wise of the united states won gold and kevin rolland won bronze for france. that is now 4g 9s and 4b for 17 medals.

short trackers get silver lining

the canadian womens short track relay team just picked up a silver in the 3000m relay. south korea with a gold and italy with a bronze. initially china had the silver but got disqualified for staying on the track at the last exchange. anyways, that is 4g, 8s and 4b for 16 medals.

Monday, February 17, 2014

silver ice dancers

tessa virtue and scott mir picked up yet another silver for canada in ice dance. quite a good performance. meryl davis and charlie white won the gold with quite a skate, while elena ilinykh and nikita katsalapov of russia picked up a bronze. that goves canada 4, 7s and 4b for 15 medals

Sunday, February 16, 2014

silver snowboarder

dominique maltais just won a silver in the womens snowboard cross event. eva samcova of the czech republc owned this one leading from start to finish, even dominating the qualifying. samcova obviously has gold abd chloe trespeuch of france wins bronze. that is now 4g, 6s and 4b for 14 medals.

skiier gets bronzed with american

jan hudec, along with bode miller of the united states, each picked up a bronze in the mens super-g skiing. hudec and miller each finishe with the exact same time. congrats to both. first canadian mens skiing medal in 20 years. kejtil jansrud of norway wins gold and andrew weibrecht of the united states wins silver. cananda now has 4g 5s and 4b for 13 medals

Saturday, February 15, 2014

speedskater gets bronzed

deeny morrison just picked up a bronze in the mens 1500m speedskating event. had the lead for awhile. zbigniew brodka of poland won gold and koen verweij of the netherlands has silver. canada now has 4g, 5s and 3b for 12 medals. congrats to denny.

Friday, February 14, 2014

silver figure skater

patrick chan picked up a silver in mens figure skating. he had a couple of stumbles in his free skate and the rest of it was good enoguht to get it. yuzuru hanyu won gold. he also had a couple of falls, which gave chan a chance to win, but hanyu hung on to win. denis ten of kazakhstan got the bronze. that is now 4g 5s and 2b for 11 medals.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

silver speedskater

denny morrison won canada's 10th medal - a silver in the long track speedskating 1000m event. morrison had originally wiped out in qualifying for the event, but a teammate gave up his spot to let morrison skate. stefan groothuis of the netherlands won gold and michel mulder, also of the netherlands, claimed bronze. i'm thinking morrison will be sharing the silver. that brings the total to 4g, 4s and 2b. congrats to denny.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

golden bronzed ski slopes

dara howell wins canada"s fourth gold winning it in ladies ski slopestyle, while kim lamarre wins bronze in the same event. devin logan of the u.s. won the silver. this now brings canada"s total to 4g, 3s and 2b equalling 9 medals. that was the first medals of the day. hopefully more to come.

Monday, February 10, 2014

a hatrick of medals

wow. come home from work to see that canada won THREE medals two golds and a silver. the golds come from charles hamelin in the 1500m short track speed skating and from alexandre bilodeau in moguls. bilodeau's teammate mikael kingsbury picked up the silver in moguls. canada now hos three golds, three silvers and a bronze for seven medals.

Sunday, February 09, 2014

figure skating team likes silver lining

the canadian figure skating team (yes another new event team figure skating) picked up a silver today. overall some pretty good performances all around. a tune up for what is to come there. russia ran away with it, claiming gold and the united states picked up the bronze. canada now has a gold, 2 silvers and a bronze.

Saturday, February 08, 2014

golden silver moguls courtesy of a couple of sisters

justine dufour-lapointe has just won gold in women's moguls while sister chloe picked up a silver. 2010 champ hannah kearney ended up with bronze. congrats to justine and chloe. that now brings canada's total to three medals (a gold, a silver and a bronze). a very good first day indeed.

snowboarder gets slopestyle bronzing

mark mcmorris gets canada's first medal of the olympics by picking up the first ever bronze in snowboard slopestyle. slopestyle is the olympics new event (there are others) sage kotsenberg wins gold, while staale sandbeck from norway gets silver. also the first medals handed out as well. so first medal handed out and canada has, obviously, a bronze. more medals to be handed out later in the day. stay tuned.

Friday, February 07, 2014

22nd winter olympics officially underway

the 2014 winter games in sochi is officially underway with a pretty good opening ceremonies that included a look through the history of russia. irina rodnina and vladislav tretiak lit the flame in a very cool way in the plaza. they lit their end of the cauldron, followed by flames shooting out of nozzles leading to and up the main cauldron, thus lighting it. 88 nations at the games. 221 athletes representing canada. let the games begin.

Sunday, February 02, 2014

super bowl 48 a super blow out

the seattle seahawks are super bowl champions with a convincing 43-8 win over the denver broncos in super bowl XLVIII. it started 12 seconds into the game when peyton manning missed a snap and the broncos recovered the ball in teh end zone giving seattle a two point safety. it was 22-0 at halftime when denver kicked off to open the third quarter when percy harvin received the ball and returned it for a touchdown. seattle's defense was awesome frustrating peyton manning and the denver offense. manning also threw an interception for a touchdown. malcolm smith was named super bowl mvp. congrats to the seattle seahawks on their first championship. so that's it for another nfl season.

Saturday, February 01, 2014

beginning of february means.......

.......this year it means the sochi winter olympics are on the doorstep. opening ceremonies are feb. 7th. nascar atart in two weeks from tonight with the budweiser shootout. i think the shootout has a different name, but it is on the 15th on fox at 6pm (8pm eastern). and the super bowl is tomorrow. most of the focus will be on the olympics. co cheer on those athletes as they compete. GO CANADA GO. znd go athletes go.