Wednesday, July 13, 2016

1920 summer olympics

these games were in Antwerp, Belgium. they were held from August 14 to September 12. the aftermath of world war one and the Paris Peace Agreements in 1919 affected the Olympics, not only with new states being created, but sanctions on other nations that not only lost the war and were blamed for starting it. Hungary, Germany, Austria, Bulgaria and the Ottoman Empire were manned. Germany remained until 1925. Lyon, France mad a bid but decided to support Antwerp. Cleveland, Philadelphia, Atlanta and Havana Cuba bid for the games. shortly after the armistice was signed in November, 1918 the IOC gave Antwerp the first choice if they wanted to, and in march 1919, they decided to host the games. 29 nations participated in the games. these games were the first to have an Olympic oath and showed off the Olympic flag for the first time. figure skated made an appearance for the second time and ice hockey was on the schedule for the first time in a week that was designated for winter sports. Paavo Nurmi of Finland won gold in the 10,000m, the 8000m, team cross country and a silver in the 5000m. Nedo Nami won five golds in fencing. in an interesting twist two of the four sailing events were held in the Netherlands. it was in the 12 foot dinghy event. there were only two competitors in that and both from the Netherlands. one competitor, Eric Robertson, was from Newfoundland. since Newfoundland wasn't a province yet and had no official Olympic committee, Robertson had to represent the United Kingdom. Newfoundland became a province in 1949. Canada won 9 medals (3g, 3s, and 3b). tomorrow - the 1924 games. below is a poster from these games.

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