Monday, September 30, 2013

tampa bay goes wild

the tampa bay rays are heading to cleveland to pay the wild card game after beating the texas rangers 5-2. david price got the win. the playoffs begin in earnest tomorrow when the cincinnati reds go to pittsburgh to play the pirates.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

how about a game 163

the texas rangers has forced a one game playoff with the tampa bay rays as they beat the los angeles angels 6-2 in arlington. the rays and rangers will play tomorrow in arlington to face the indians in the wild card game. i guess the post season begins tomorrow with the one game playoff.

cleveland wins, tampa pressures texas

the cleveland indians have claimed the firs wild card spot with a 5-1 win in minnesota. they also claimed home field for the wild card game against either tampa bay or texas. tampa bay beat toronto 7-6 to put pressure on texas who is leading the angels in the seventh. if texas wins there wil lbe a one game playoff for the second wild card spot. stay tuned.

no-no marlins

henderson alvarez of the miami marlins pitched a no-hitter in a 1-0 win over the detroit tigers. the marlins won it in the bottom of the ninth with a wild pitch, giving alvarez the no-hitter. congrats.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

fan appreciation night at commonwealth, baseball musings.

it was fan appreciation night at commonwealth tonight as the eskimos lost to the toronto argonauts 34-22 in front of over 29,500 people. the sad part is edmonton had a 22-1 lead and bombed. offence did nothing in the second half and toronto's offence took over and killed the edmonton defence. roomie had a couple of tickets from his week job at the sawmill tailgating area behind the north end zone. different perspective watching at field level compared to in the stands. the cheer team was selling their 2014 calendars (got mine at the last home game) and i got some of them to sign mine. meanwhile in mlb, the red sox, a's and tigers will end up finishing with the first, second and third best records in the a.l. detroit will play oakland in one of the division series, while boston will play the wild card playoff, whoever that may be. cleveland has a onegame lead over tampa bay and texas in the wild card race. that will be a fun finish tomorrow. in the n.l. pittsburgh has a home game vs cincinnati in the n.l. wild card game after beating them this afternoon. wild how the schedule has pitt and cincy facing each other in the final weekend for a home game. the wild card game is on october first st.louis has a one game lead over aatanta for the best record in the n.l., while the los angeles dodgers has the third seed sewn up and will face either st.louis or atlanta. tomorrow will be a fun day.

Friday, September 27, 2013

cardinals win n.l. central

the st.louis cardinals just wrapped up the n.l. central with a 7-0 win over the chicago cubs in front of 40,000+ people in st.louis. great win tonight. that leaves pittsburgh and cincinnati to decide who gets the wild card game at home. a pittsburgh win over cincy tomorrow and that will be that.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

tigers claim central

the detroit tigers are a.l. central champs with a 1-0 win in minnesota over the twins. max scherzer gets the win. that leaves the wild card to be decided as tampa bay and cleveland hold down the two spots with texas hot on their heels and kansas city almost out of it. the yankees loss to tampa bay put them out of playoff contention. meanwhile with a 1-0 loss to the mets the cincinnati reds wont win the n.l. central, but are still a wild card team. they will face either st.louis or pittsburgh. one will be centrat champs, the other faces cincy.

Monday, September 23, 2013

baseball races

the national league has its post season teams. with pittsburgh and cincinnati winning and washington losing, the pirates and reds join the st. louis cardinals, atlanta braves and los angeles dodgers in the post season. the reds, pirates and cardinals are also battling for the n.l. central division, as the braves and dodgers have the east and west divisions. added are the boston red sox and oakland a's who won the american league east and west dvisions. the detroit tigers almost have the central division, while six teams are battling for the two wild card spots - the tampa bay rays, the cleveland indians, the texas rangers, the new york yankees, the kansas city royals and baltimore orioles. the next few days will provide some good games and excitement. the regular season ends this coming sunday, while the post season begins october 1st.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

the beginning of fall. good bye summer

come 2:44pm mountain time marks the beginning of fall. starting to look like it with the leaves turning color already. even the mornings are cool. later this week the days will be like the mornings. enjoy the days, the summer weather wont stick around.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

fun night at commonwealth - and a win

i was at an eskimos game earlier tonight and the esks beat winnipeg 25-7 for their first win at home and second win of the year. winnipeg is also at two wins and nine losses. 29,499 people were there (that includes me) at the end of the third quarter bryan hall marked joey moss' 50th birthday (his birthday is in 10 days). he was presented with a birthday cake. joey has downe syndrome and is the locker room attendant for the esks and oilers. it was wayne gretzky who got him the job with the oilers in 1985 after talking with dwayne mandrusiak and sparky kulchisky. all the fans, the players and the cheer team sang happy birthday to him. so a great night.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

a hell of a scorcher in the midst of september

it has been a hot one today. got to 30.3c today that broke a record from 1944. three other places in alberta also broke records. it was extremely hot down east a few days ago. that ended up producing some nasty storms and tornado warnings. it's supposed to be a warm weekend. by tuesday it is forecast to be rainy and cooler. i wont mind the cooler weather. enjoy the weather - winter will be here yet.

Saturday, September 07, 2013

the city to host the 32nd olympiad in 2020 goes to........

...... the city of Tokyo, Japan. they beat out Istanbul in the second round of voting 60-36. the first round had tokyo go through to the second round while istanbul and madrid were tied. istanbul took out madrid in a run off vote. congrats to Tokyo.

Monday, September 02, 2013

labour day monday

the last day of the last long weekend of the summer brings: 1. edmonton at calgary. toronto vs hamilton is usually played on labour day as well, but this year the schedule changed. hamilton was in b.c. on friday and b.c. won and toronto is at home to montreal tomorrow, with the blue jays having the weekend series against kansas city the field needs to be changed from baseball to football. it would be nice to have hamiton and toronto play on labour day again. 2. end of summer. even though the first day of fall is later this month. 3. kids go back to school tomorrow. nuff said.