Wednesday, July 27, 2011

angels no-no on cleveland

ervin santana of the l.a. angels just threw a no-hitter against the cleveland indians in a 3-1 win. the cleveland run came via fielding error, stolen base, ground ball moving runner to third and a wild pitch. congrats to santana

Sunday, July 24, 2011

edmonton indy

it ended up being a three car race that will power ended up winning. he beat out helio castroneves and daro franchitti to win on the new reconfigured track at the city centre airport. paul tracy was taken out after alex tagliani hit graham rahal who spun into tracy. not a way for paul to go on his last race in edmonton (he retiring at the end of the season) so congrats to will on the win.

Friday, July 22, 2011

indy race weekend is here

the izod indy edmonton weekend has arrived. it began wednesday with the haulers arriving and paraded around edmonton. yesterday an indy care was displayed in kingsway mall and ryan briscoe and oriol servia signing autographs. today is supposed to be practice day, but with the rain coming down as i write, it may not happen. tomorrow is qualifying and sunday is the actual race. gonna be a fun weekend.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

womens world cup final

japan vs the u.s. went through 90 minutes tied at one. they went into extra time and both scored a goal. they go to a shootout tied at two. japan then outscores the u.s. 3-1 to win t he womens world cup. japans first ever win. congrats to japan

Saturday, July 16, 2011

womens world cup the the third place game

sweden hung on to beat france 2-1 and took third place in the world cup a very good result for france, since they have never been this far. sweden has been this far before so third for them isnt much of a surprise. tomorrow it will be the u.s. vs japan for the championship. game starts around 12:30 here.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

semi final wednesday

the first semi final game just ended with the u.s. beating france 3-1. two goals in three minutes for the u.s. did it. the u.s. will be in the championship game on sunday in frankfurt, while france will play in the third place game on saturday. the other semi final game between sweden and japan is in less than an hour.

update: japan 3 sweden 1. big surprise. sweden is usually one of the class teams. congrats to japan. japan will play the u.s. for the womens world cup on sunday and sweden will play france on saturday

Sunday, July 10, 2011

soccer quarterfinals part 2

right now brazil is playing the united states. the states are up 1-0 in the 27th minute, the goal was scored when a brazilian player knocked the ball into her own net. earlier sweden defeated australia 3-1 and will play japan in one semi final game. the winnier of the brazil/u.s. game will face france. both semi final games are on wednesday.

update: brazil and the u.s. went the 90 minutes tied at one. in extra time (no sudden death teams play 3o minutes of e.t.) brazil scored early and the u.s. tied it late. they go to penalty kicks were the u.s. wins it 5-3. so the u.s. plays france and the swedes play japan on wednesday.

Saturday, July 09, 2011

quarter final soccer part one and a milestone

the first two quarter final matchups happened and both were very tight. england and france went the full 90 minutes plus extra time tied at one. they went to penalty kicks and france won out 4-3. in the other one today, japan and germany went into extra time an japan got the only goal in the 108th minute and also moved on. tomorrow it will be sweden vs australia and u.s. vs brazil. these games will determine the semi finals.

meanwhile derek jeter of the new york yankees got two hits - the second being a home run - to get to 3000 hits in a career. the home run got the milestone. congrats to derek jeter

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

womens world cup day 11

group D has been decided. brazil wrapped up the group with a 3-0 win over equitorial guinea. they owned the second half after a lackluster first half. in the other group D game, australia beat norway 2-1 to join brazil in the quarter finals. group D ends with brazil having 9 pts, australia with 6, norway with 3 and equitorial guinea. coming up in group C, sweden will play the u.s. for first and second while north korea will play columbia.

update: sweden ended the united states group undefeated run with a 2-1 win and finished first in the group with 9 pts. the u.s. finished second with 6. north korea and columbia played to a scoreless draw. each finished with one point. north korea takes third based on goal differential (-3 to -4 over columbia)

the remaining quarter finals matchups are: sweden vs australia and the u.s. vs brazil. these games are sunday.
the city who will host the 23rd winter olympic games in 2018 is..........

pyeongchang south korea. this was just anounced minutes ago. they got a majority vote in the first round of voting. congrats to them.

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

women's world cup day ten

new zealand, being down 0-2, scored 2 late goals including one in added time to salvage a 2-2 draw with mexico. quite a comeback considering mexico carried the play.

meanwhile while this was happening, england defeated japan 2-0 to get into the quarterfinals and the group. so the group B standings finish up with england with 7 pts, japan with 6, mexico with 2 and new zealand with one. japan and england in the quarter finals. who they will face will depend on the group A games.

the group A features france vs germany, which will decide first and second in group A, and canada vs nigeria in a meaningless game. both games coming up.

update: germany beat france 4-2 while nigeria beat canada 1-0. germany wins group A with 9 pts, france finishes second with 6, then nigeria with 3 and canada with 0. so two quarter final match ups are set. germany will play japan and england will play france. both games july 9th.

Sunday, July 03, 2011

womens world cup day 8

australia hung on to beat equitorial guinea 3-2 in group D action. equitorial guinea nearly tied it late but didn't. brazil vs norway in about an hour and a bit.

update: brazil 3 norway 0. brazil is in the quarterfinal and leads group D with 6 pts. australia and norway have 3 pts and equitorial guinea have none.

no games tomorrow. on tuesday in group A it is france vs germany and canada vs nigeria while in group B it is england vs japan and new zealand vs mexico

Saturday, July 02, 2011

womens world cup day 7.

sweden won a tight 1-0 game over north korea. north korea had a couple of chances and never scored. coming up in about an hour, columbia vs united states.

update: united states 3 columbia 0. united states advance to quarter finals as well as sweden. they each have 6 pts while columbia have 0 and are out. tomorrow in group D is australia vs equitoria guinea and brazil vs norway.

Friday, July 01, 2011

happy canada day

happy canada day to all. people all over canada will be celebrating canada's 144th birthday capped off by fireworks. enjoy the day canada.
womens world cup day 6

japan is in the quarterfinals with a 4-0 win over mexico. it was the homare sawa show as she scored three of the goals. coming up shortly is new zealand vs england.

update: england 2 new zealand 1. england needs at least a draw agains japan to advance. japan leads group B with 6 pts, engalnd has 4, mexico has 1 and new zealand has none. tomorrow in group C, its north korea vs sweden and the united states vs columbia