Sunday, July 17, 2016

1936 summer olympics.

these games were held in Berlin from August 1-16. 49 nations participated in these games. they were held at the height of Adolf Hitler coming to power. he used these games to promote his racist ideals. he eventually lost later on. although the Olympic flame was introduced in 1928, these were the first games to have a torch relay. an interesting thing happened during the opening ceremonies. 25,000 pigeons were released and flew around the stadium. someone then fired a cannon, thus scaring the pigeons enough for them to poop all over the place. poor people ended up wearing it. the guys wore straw hats and pitter patter could be heard, but the ladies got it in their hair. damn. the best moment came from African American Jesse Owens, who won four medals -all gold - in sprint and the long jump events. key note here is Owens barely qualified for the long jump final. Luz Long of Germany gave Owens a couple of pointers to improve his technique. the advice worked, as he won gold. a remarkable story came from track as the women's 4X100m when the U.S. team beat the German team after the Germans lost on a baton exchange. one member Elizabeth Robinson had been in a plane crash. when she was found, it was though she was dead, but later discovered that she was in a coma. she awoke from it seven months later. it was another six months before she was out of a wheel chair and two years before she could normally walk again. her recovery obviously forced her to miss the 1932 games in her home country. Canada won 9 medals at these games (1g 3s 5b). the 1940 games were scheduled for Tokyo, but the Sino-Japanese war forced the games to move to Helsinki. these games were eventually cancelled as well as the 1944 games in London. London eventually hosted in 1948 (that will be tomorrow), Helsinki in 1952 (that will be Tuesday) and Tokyo in 1964 (Friday's entry). below is the logo for these games.

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