Wednesday, November 30, 2011

end of november already.  wow

damn.  already the end ov november.  can't believe its over.  lets see, tony stewart won the nascar championship, b.c. lions won the grey cup,  nfl is into the playoff run and had its thanksgiving games this past thursday,  nhl is in full swing,  my christmas stuff is up and started christmas shopping for the roomate and had some snow.  of course november was renamed movember for its annual fundraiser to end prostate cancer.  its where the men grow moustaches and fundraise for prostate cancer research.  a good cause. 

Sunday, November 27, 2011

99th grey cup in vancouver

the b.c. lions are grey cup champions with a 34-23 win over the winnipeg blue bombers.  the lions were ahead 14-6 at halftime and were up 14-9 when they scored 17 unanswered points.  the bombers made it close, but paul mccallum added a field goal to put it out of reach.  travis lulay was named most valueable player for the grey cup.  andrew harris was named most valueable canadian.  so thats it for another CFL season.  next game isopening weekend around canada day.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

happy thanksgiving state side adn nfl football

happy thanksgiving to everyone in the united states.  time to pig out on turkey and other fixings.  this starts teh holiday season there (gah).

today is the annual turkey football day with three nfl games.  the first game just ended with the green bay packers beating the detroit lions 27-15.  miami at dallas is next and san francisco at baltimore is at 6:20.  updates on those games later.

update 1:  dallas 20 miami 19   dallas wins it on last second field goal.

update 2:  baltimore 16 san francisco 6.  first time two brothers as coaches ever faced each other.  john harbaugh beat younger brother jim.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

final race of season done, while final cfl game of season is set

tony stewart is 2011 nascar champion after winning the ford 400 in homestead.  even though carl edwards finished second, stewart made up the three points necessary.  stewart and edwards had the same points, but stewart had 5 wins to edwards one.  congrats to tony on his third championship

meanwhile the 99th grey cup is set as the b.c. lions will play the winnipeg bluebombers.  the bluebombers beat the hamilton tigercats 19-3 on a cold and blustery day.  it was -10 with a -16 windchill.  in the west b.c. beat the edmonton eskimos 40-23.  a flattering score considering b.c. once had a 33-9 lead.  the grey cup game is one week  from today at b.c. place stadium in vancouver.

Friday, November 18, 2011

winter is here.  so is the snow. 

as predicted, we got hit with a snowstorm AND as predicted, it got cold.  wake up weather tomorrow is forecast for -28c.   BRRRRR.   supposed to warm up by next week.  keep an eye on the forecast and we well see.  don't know much we got here, but the plows are around and people have been shoveling.  ugh.  stay warm.

Monday, November 14, 2011

winter has arrived.

boy has winter ever arrived.  got some snow today and supposed to get some more overnight.  thursday is forecast for snow as well.  and it is supposed to cool off to the minus teens for the weekend.  needless to say the roads will be slick.  not a good time to drive.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

kasey ends drought, cfl division finals set

kasesy kahne ended a 81 race drought by winning in phoenix this afternoon.  carl edwards finished second and tony stewart third.  with stewart leading the most laps, he is still three points behind edwards.  5x champ finished 14th.  final race of the season is next sunday in homestead.  will carl edwards win or will tony stewart cath edwards and win the championship? stay tuned.

while that happened, the hamilton tiger-cats shocked the montreal alouettes 52-44 to go to the east final against the blue bombers in winnipeg.  quite the high scoring game.

after that game, the edmonton eskimos are going to b.c. to face the lions after beating the calgary stampeders 33-19.  edmontons first home playoff game in seven years and they took advantage going up 25-9 at the half, but hanging on in the end.  the hamilton/winnipeg east final game and the edmonton/b.c. west final game is on the 20th.

Friday, November 11, 2011

remembrance day

it's the day of the year where we all should take time out of the day to remember the war veterans - past and present - that served this country.  lest we forget.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

a note to all royal canadian air farce fans

don ferguson will be signing books celebrating the air farce's 40th anniversary here in edmonton at the wal-mart in south edmonton common from 7-9pm on tuesday.  he will be in toronto vancouver and calgary as well.  i gotta go get myself one.  we will see.

Sunday, November 06, 2011

smoke does texas four step

tony stewart won his fourth chase race by beating out carl edwards in texas.  he also closed the gap to three points behind edwards.  5x champ jimmie johnson spun out and ended up 14th.  he is 55 points back.  with the new points system, i hate to say it but i think jimmie's run is done.  i hope tony wins it though.  two races left anything can happen

Saturday, November 05, 2011

cfl postseason set. 

the cfl regular season is done.  after edmonton wrapped up a home date last night beating saskatchewan, the stampeders beat the bluebombers 30-24 and the lions blew out the alouettes 43-1 tonight.  meaning the lions finished first in the west, followed by edmonton, then calgary (lions won the season series over edmonton and calgary.  edmonton won the season series over calgary).  in the east, the blue bombers finished first, the als finished second and the tiger cats third (bombers won season series over montreal).  soooo.  the east semi final has hamilton visiting montreal on the 13th with the winner visiting winnipeg on the 20th.  in the west it is calgary visiting edmonton on the 13th with the winner going to b.c. on the 20th.  now the fun begins

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

did i hear snow forecast?

i believe i did.  supposed to snow a bit here.  northern alberta from what i heard is supposed to get more.  and of course this past weekend, the east coast got wolloped with snow..  hmmmmm.not sure if its going to stick around.  oh well.

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

a new month bringing some interest.

the beginning of november means a whole lot.  the last weekend of the cfl regular season.  three of the four games (saskatchewan at edmonton, winnipeg at calgary and montreal at b.c.)  will decide who finishes where in the east and west.  b.c, edmonton and calgary are in at 10-7 records as is montreal and winnipeg.  hamilton is in at 8-9 and will finishe third irregardless.  the last three races of the nascar season is in there.  we will have a champion decided.  the nfl  goes into crunch time.  cant forget the annual u.s. thanksgiving games.  and the nhl hits full stride.  gonna be a good month.