Monday, June 30, 2014

round of 16 part six

this one edned up a real tight one. it stayed scoreless through the 90 minuts. two minutes into the extra time germany opens the scoring. in the 120th minute germany scored again. algeria scored in stoppage time, but it was not enough as germany wins in extra time 2-1 and will go to the quarter finals against france on friday. it was definitely a nerve wrecker. tomorrow has argentina vs switzerland and belgium vs united states. that will end the round of 16.

round of 16 part five

it took to the 79th minute to get the first goal, and that first goal went to france. the got a second when their corner kick was inadvertantly deflected in by joseph yogo (he gets credit for an own goal). it was enough of a touch. france moves on to the quarter finals and will await the winner of the germany vs algeria match at 2pm edmonton time.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

round of 16 part four

wow. just wow. after a dull first half, costa rica opened the scoring in the second half. just when it was looking over, greece tied it very late in the second half. no scoring in the extra time. went to penalty kicks and costa rica advances after winning the penalty kicks 5-3. wow. costa rica will now face the netherlands in the quarter finals on july 5th

round of 16 part three

wow this one had a heck of a finish. mexico scored in the 48th minute. netherlands tied it in the 88th minuted then won it in the 90th minute and 4th minute of stoppage time. on a penalty kick as well after one of the dutch players got knocked over in the goalie area. final score was 2-1. they are now in the quarter final and will play either costa rica or greece on on july 5th.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

round of 16 part two at the coors light eskimos watch party

watched the first half of columbia vs uruguay and caught the last 20 minutes of the second half at the coors light eskimos watch party. columbia is in the quarter finals with a 2-0 win over uruguay and will face brazil on friday july 4th. while i was at watch party, out came the columbians honking and waving their flags while celebrating. the eskimos watch party was at central social hall on 109 st and jasper ave in edmonton and watched the eskimos win in b.c. 27-20. it was a lot of fun. tomorrow has day two of the round of 16 featuring netherlands vs mexico and costa rico vs greece.

round of 16 part one

wow what a game this ended up being. brazil scored first in the 18th minute, then chile evens it in the 32nd minute. they went through the rest of the 90 minutes with some chances. they get to extra time and both sides had some great chances yet it remained tied. wouldn't you know it it goes to penalty kicks. it went down to the last kick - belonging to chile. brazil was up 3-2 in penalty kicks and the chilean player had a chance to even it. he hit the goal post and brazil wins the game and moves on to the quarter finals. coming up in 45 minutes - its columbia vs uruguay.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

groups G and H finishes group play

in group g, germany beat the united states 1-0 while portugal beat ghana 2-1. germany finishes first with 7 pts, followed by the u.s and portugal with 4 and ghana fourth with 1 point. the u.s. claims second based on goals differential (u.s. was even while portugal was -3) germany and the u.s. moves on. in group H, belgium beat south korea 1-0 while russia and algeria tied at 0-0. belgium finished first with 9 pts, algeria second with 5 pts, russia with 2 and south korea with one. belgium and algeria moves on. germany faces algeria on monday while the u.s. faces belgium on tuesday.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

groups E and F finished

in group E action, switzerland beat honduras 3-0 and ecuador and france played to a 0-0 tie. france finishes group E first with seven points, followed by switzerland with six, then ecuador with four and honduras with none. this has france and switzerland moving on. in group F, argentina beat nigeria 3-2 while bosnia and herzigovina beat iran 3-1. argentina finisehs first with 9 points, nigeria with four, bosnia and herzigoveni three and iran one. this has argentina and nigeria moving on. this also has france playing nigeria on monday and argentina on tuesday in the round of 16. group G and H round out the round robin tomorrow.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

groups C and D done

in group C, greece bean the ivory coast 2-1 while columbia beat japan 4-1. meaning columbia finishes first with 9 points, followed by greece with 4, then ivory coast with three and japan with one. columbia and greece move on to the round of 16 here. in group D, uruguay knocked out italy 1-0, marred by luis suarez biting an italian player (had the bite marks to prove it) and costa rica and england played to a scoreless draw. costa rica finishes first with seven points, then uruguay with 6, then italy with three and england with one. costa rica and uruguay move on here. the round of 16 matchups from here has columbia vs uruguay on saturday and costa rica plays greece on sunday. tomorrow has group E and F rounding out their round robin.

Monday, June 23, 2014

groups A and B in the books

in group A action, brazil beat cameroon 4-1 while mexico beat croatia 3-1 to finish off their round robin brazil and mexico finished first and second with 7 points, with brazil taking first on goal difference (+5 to +3). croatia finished third with three points and cameroon last with zero. in group B the netherlands beat chile 2-0 and spain beat australia 3-0. the netherlands finished first with 9 points, chile second with 6, spain with three and australia with zero. the crossover matchups have brazil playing chile on saturday, while the netherlands play mexico on sunday. tomorrow groups C and D finish their round robin and decide thier round of 16 matchups.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

first day of summer, nearing end of group games

at 4:51 am edmonton time summer began. wow 17+ hours of daylight. gotta enjoy it. of course with football and the world cup on, and the commonwealth games coming up in glasgow, summer is fun. speaking of world cup, the end of the group games is nearing an end. come thursday we will know who is into the round of 16 and who is out. those already in has costa rica, columbia, netherlands and chile. those alread out has england, cameroon, australia and defending champ spain (that one is huge). gonna be a good stretch. update: add argentina to those who are into the round of 16 and add bosnia and hercigovina to those who are eliminated.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

nba final is done

the san antonio spurs put the touches on a five game series win over the miami heat, winning it four games to one and winning game 5 104-87. the spurs basically owned the heat the whole series. it is their fifth championship in 15 years, the previous four was 1999, 2003, 2005 and 2007. coach greg popovich and tim duncan has been on all five championships. tim duncan is retiring after this one. kawhi leonard won the bill russell trophy as playoff mvp. congrats to the spurs.

2014 fifa world cup

the biggest soccer (football outside north america) tournament is on as 32 teams battle it out for the world cup trophy. this time the world cup is in brazil and it bean this past thursday with brazin beating croatia 3-1. just finished watching switzerland beat ecuador 2-1. two more games today, featuring france playing honduras at 1pm and argentina playing bosnia and hercigovena at 4pm. yesterday had a couple of surprises, with costa rica beating uruguay 3-1 and cote d'ivoire beating japan 2-1. friday had the rematch of the 2010 final with the netherlands avenging the loss with a 5-1 win over spain. wow. its been good so far. the world cup ends on july 13 with the final at maracana stadium in rio de janeiro.

Friday, June 13, 2014

kings crown rangers, win cup

alex martinez was the hero in double overtime as the los angeles kings win game 5 3-2 and win the stanley cup four games to one. three games went into overtime and the kings won them all. justin williams was named conn smythe trophy winner as playoff mvp. congrats to the kings.

Saturday, June 07, 2014

146th belmont stakes

totalist has won the 146th running of the belmont stakes in a very close finish. beat out commisioner at the line by a nose. joel vicario won his first belmont stakes as a jockey. california chrome ended up dead heating for fourth with wicked strong. was stuck in fourth the whole race. winning time was 2:28.52. so, again, no triple crown winner.

Sunday, June 01, 2014

kings crown hawks, stanley cup final next

alec martinez scored the series winner in overtime as the los angeles kings dethrone the chicago blackhawks 5-4 in game seven and the series four games to three. kings almost blew this series as they had a 3-1 lead in the series. the first three rounds the kings have played have gone the full seven games. wow 21 games already. next up the stanley cup final against the new york rangers starting wednesday in los angeles.