Monday, July 31, 2006

end of july! aaaaaak!

geez, july went by fast. had the champ car world series here. capital ex (formely klondike days) ended saturday. major league heat wave. its cooled off though. august brings the fringe, heritage days this coming weekend and the big valley jamboree. good grief, lots of festivals. i may go to the fringe. i havent decided. gonna be a great august.

Saturday, July 29, 2006

football night in canada

im watching calgary at saskatchewan at the moment. no score yet. earlier b.c. beat toronto 28-8. the lions had three interceptions in the game. geroy simon had 3 td's. damon allen returned after a thumb injury and didnt have a great night. it happens. anyways, update on the calgary/saskatchewan game later.

Friday, July 28, 2006

friday night and all is...... far its okay. listening to greek music. had picked up two greek cds and a flatt and scruggs cd. flatt and scruggs is lester flatt and earl scruggs - the best bluegrass duo ever, unless someone else has one. anyways since my bluegrass resurrection a couple of weeks ago, i've been in a bluegrass mood. plus i like greek music. that was started after the athens hosted the summer olympics in 2004. (ahhh the memories). anyways thats my friday night.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

bluegrass and other stuff

had my hard drive cleaned. since im sitting here listening to bluegrass, ive been adding my favorites that i had. ive been going at the catch-up for over an hour. besides it's supposed to cool off and rain this weekend. we need it here, its been too warm and i don't like it too warm. i forgot to mention that justin wilson won the race this past sunday. last years winner - sebastian bourdais - finished 2nd. katherine legge (my favorite driver) finished 15th, if i remember right with a gear box problem. anyways there you have it. later.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

pennsylvania 500

denny hamlin won in pocono. he must like pocono cause he won both races in pocono from the pole. he got himself to 8th in the points. tony stewart got penalized for rough driving, got himself back on the lead lap and finished 7th. got himself into 10th in the points. jeff gordon finished 3rd and is in the points race. hes now 9th. jimmie johnson finished 6th and still leads - now 97 pts up on matt kenseth. dale jr got rear ended by dave blaney and finished last and is 11th for the points race. hamlin had the car in todays race. im not sure anybody could catch him today. anyways, next race in indianapolis in two weeks.

Friday, July 21, 2006

what a weekend lined up

wow has edmonton gotten fun or what. capital ex (formely klondike days) began yesterday and runs to the 29th. the west edmonton mall grand prix of edmonton is this weekend with qualifying today and tomorrow and the big race sunday. included in that is the atlantic race and a cascar event. pulus its going to be a scorcher of a weekend with teperatures getting close to 30c. lots of fun already.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

lenox industrial tools 300

kyle busch won after a late crash brought out the green-white-checkers. fuel mileage came into play here as well. jimmie johnson finished 9th, matt kenseth finished 14th and tony stewart got involved in a crash and finished 38th. stewart is 11th in the points, johnson leads by 68 over kenseth and kyle busch is now 5th in the points. with richmond looming, points are huge. next race is next week in pocono.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

a bluegrass state of mind

got prairie pickin' on tonight and a familiar tune - at least to myself and darren - just finished playing. a bluegrass state of mind done by lonesome and then some when they were still together. rob baker, anna somerville, terry knudsen and david (i forget his last name. darren help me there). anyways a grand time and a good fix of bluegrass you can get on cjsr 88.5 fm thursday nights from 7-8pm.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

usg sheetrock 400

jeff gordon won this one amid some controversy when he and matt kenseth touched and kenseth spun. kenseth feels it was intentional. what nascar will do here will be interesting. jimmie johnson finished 6th and kept his points lead while kenseth finished 22nd in the race. tony stewart ran out of gas at the final restart and finished 32nd and is now 7th in points. jeff gordon got himself back into the top 10 in the points with the win. next race - next sunday and the new england 300.
world cup final

italy beat france 5-3 in penalty kicks with the score tied at one. i caught the penalty kicks and the last bit of extra time. i read that zinedine zidane got tossed for a headbutt. anyways i am now watching the usg sheetrock 400. im 35 laps into it. update later

Saturday, July 08, 2006

world cup third place game

germany beat portugal 3-1 to finish 3rd in the world cup. i think germany will be happy with the result. 3rd may not be the same as winning it all, but its better than nothing. the big game is tomorrow as france and italy will play for the world cup trophy and bragging right until 2010 when south africa hosts the tournament. it ought to be a good one tomorrow.

Friday, July 07, 2006

is there a pot of gold?

if you look between the trees, there is a rainbow there. took that after we had a rainstorm go by. i thought it looked cool. nature pic of the month lol.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

ahhhhhh, the sweet sound of bluegrass

i FINALLY listened to prarie pickin' on cjsr tonight. its been way too long between listening to shows. doug ritchie went solo tonight. he even played a rocking live edition of the theme of the beverly hillbillies. needless to say listening to the show felt good. now to keep up on listening every week. happy bluegrass.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

world cup semi finals

just finished watching france beat portugal 1-0 in todays last semi final game. they will play italy, who beat germany 2-0 in extra time yesterday. france vs italy should be a good one. germany and portugal for 3rd place on saturday.

Monday, July 03, 2006

world cup 2006

cant believe the soccer tournament (football the rest of the world) is almost done and i havent mentioned it - till tonight. the semi final matchups are germany vs italy tomorrow and portugal vs france on wenesday. brazil, argentina and england got knocked out in the quarter finals and they had a great chance to win it as well. anyways the championship game is sunday and the third place game is saturday.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

pepsi 400

what a finish to this race. with 9 laps to go and boris said leading after the green flag comes out, out of nowhere comes tony stewart from 10th to 2nd. he eventually passes boris with 3 to go and defends his pepsi 400 from one year ago. he is now fifth in the points. jimmie johnson got involved with bobby labonte (okay so johnson got loose with three cars around him). he finished 32nd and saw his lead shrink to 13 points over matt kenseth after kenseth finished 6th. boris said ended up 4th. if i remember right, at this time last year tony stewart got hot and won the championship starting at the pepsi 400. he could do it again this year. quite the fun race.