Wednesday, June 30, 2004

geez. the final post of june. canada day tomorow. pepsi 400 in daytona saturday night. hmm there's something about car racing under the lights. it's the mystique. its great. an olympic memory from 1980 summer olympics in moscow. it will be remembered for the jimmy carter led boycott. the only countries (it seemed like it) were the eastern bloc countries. theres one thing - politics and spotrs dont mix.

Tuesday, June 29, 2004

olympic memory from 1988 in seoul, south korea. the summer games here will be remembered for the ben johnson scandal. he went from hero to zero in a couple of days. the hero part - he won the 100 metre dash in at that time a world record of 9.79 seconds. the zero - 2 to 3 days later it was found that he had annabolic steriods in him, which was a banned substance. his gold medal was taken away fron him and the world record was no more. that overshadowed everything good that happened. quite the memory for the wrong reason.

Sunday, June 27, 2004

another olympic memory. 1998 nagano winter olympics. tara lipinski became the youngest gold medal winner in winter games history when she won figure skating gold at 15 yrs old. great moment for her. she's my favorite. womens ice hockey was added and the u.s. beat canada in the gold medal game. nhl players were used in mens hockey for the first time and the czech republic won gold there.

Saturday, June 26, 2004

hmmmmm. saturday night. not much happening tonight besides football and baseball. eskimos are at home to b.c. tomite. they lost in montreal last week 33-9. tonite theyre trailing b.c. 25-17 at the half. with the olympic flame going around the world heading for greece, here's a memory! two of them, actually, from the 1988 winter olympics. the first - eddie "the eagle" edwards from great britain. great britain isn't known for ski jumping. so here is edwards, figuring he had nothing to lose, gave it a shot. he never won a medal, but him just going to the olympics to try is worth something. the other memory is the jamaican bobsled team. this is a true story made into a movie. jamaica is definitely not noted for snow. after immense training and getting used to the rather cold weather (none of them had experienced such weather. imagine how they felt). their first run - not great. their second run - fantastic. moved up to 8th (i think). their third run was going great until they ended up on their side. after coming to a stop and getting their bearings straight, they got out of their sled and carried it across the finish line. they were that close after their scary ride ended. the best memory from that time anyways.

Friday, June 25, 2004

here's an article i enjoyed. hopefully other people will like it. it is


Wednesday, June 23, 2004

euro 2004! yep im watching soccer. the euro 2004 soccer tournament is in progress. im watching germany and the czech republic. the 3rd game for both teams in pool d the other 3 pools have already played 3 games. so far 7 teams have made the quarter finals. they are portugal, greece, france, england, sweden, denmark, and the czech rep. the qf matchups - portugal vs england, france vs greece, czech rep, vs denmark and sweded vs group d 2nd place. that could be germany, netherlands or latvia. well find out in an hour or two. the gremany/czech republic game im watching, its 1-1 late in the first half.

Sunday, June 20, 2004

a better end to the dhl 400 today. compared to last week, no lengthy cautions and no bumper tag today. matt kenseth and kevin harvick got fined $25,000, lost 10 championship points and got put on probation until august 11. as far as cautions, no confusion as to which driver went where which caused the lengthy cautions the last couple of races. judging by today, that problem got solved. a good clean race in which ryan newman won. next week, the first of two road course races. this one in sonoma, california. more later

Friday, June 18, 2004

55 days to the athens summer games. looking forward to them bigtime! it will be interesting to see which sport im watching and at what time. doesn't seem that long ago the 2002 winter games in salt lake.ah the memories. not just from 2002, but, for me, as far back as 1988 in calgery (winter) and seoul, south korea (summer). at least the first memories. 1984 is more of a fog. though. oh well. hopefully more memories and olympic heroes. the fun will soon begin.

Thursday, June 17, 2004

DARREN IS COMING HOME!!!! yep, hes coming home from china on july 18. im looking forward to it already! he is already looking forward to the blueberry bluegrass festival from july 30 to august 1. id like to go, but with the summer tourist season coming at work (i work at THE mall - thats west ed. mall) its going to be tight to go. my supervisor is giong to need all the staff he can get. anyways hes looking forward to coming. besides the day after the bluebery festival is over, its my - ugh - 30th b-day. well, more soon.

Tuesday, June 15, 2004

the nba finals are over! the detroit pistons are the nba champions. they win game 5 in a dominating fashion - 100-87. congrats to the detroit pistons. meanwhile, the cfl season started tonite. the toronto argonauts beat saskatchewan roughriders 21-10. great night tonight.

Monday, June 14, 2004

monday night. not much happening tonight with 3 baseball games playing. the pistons lead the lakers 3 games to 1 with game 5 tomorrow night. some car race in pocono yesterday. first half was only 3 cautions. second half had 7 cautions took fuel mileage out, via blown engines and accidents. jimmie johnson won. matt kenseth and kevin harvick, at the end, decided to play "bumper tag." kenseth bumped harvick to pass him. harvick, not happy and with 3 to go and under caution with jeff burton's blown engine, decides he didn't like that and spins kenseth. kenseth, ant the end, decides he doesn't like that, spins harvick. needles to say both drivers will be fined for "conduct detrimental to stock car racing. i like pocono because of the uniqueness. the only 3 sided track in nascar. cool, eh? more to come.

Thursday, June 10, 2004

lots of baseball. interleague play is happening. for 3 or 4 years it was always east vs east, west vs west, and central vs central. mlb decided to switch it around to where, lets say, the al east play the nl west, or the al central play nl east or whatever. that way interleague stays fresh and going. as far as the nba finals, detroit won sunday, the lakers won tuesday and detroit won tonight. so the detroit pistons lead the la lakers 2 games to 1. hard to say how long the series will go. a cool thing happened to me, too. trooper has a online trivia contest. going on. the recent contest that ended last week, i ended up winning the cutoff was june 2. i, obviously entered earlier, found out by email and i got an autographed cd entitled "flying colors" in the mail yesterday (after i sent them my mailing address).i was pretty happy. i think the winner (me) will be officially announced next week. ill find out eventually.

Monday, June 07, 2004

its over. the tampa bay lightning have won the stanley cup. they won game 7 2-1 and, obviuosly, the series 4-3. disappointment, yes. i'm still happy for the flame for getting to the stanley cup. oh yeah, my beard is now gone too. hockey season is done, the nba finals started last night (detroit won 87-75), and baseball is in major full swing. the cfl season is upon us as well. no such thing as an off season. or is there?

Saturday, June 05, 2004

game 6 just ended. it took two overtimes to decide it. tampa bay won it 3-2. game 7 is monday night. i'm pretty pissed about it. as far as the smarty jones triple crown went, birdstone won the belmont stakes. good thing monday is payday. pizza and hockey - a good combo. my beard WILL come off monday night. another saturday night.

Friday, June 04, 2004

slow night tonight. still getting used to getting back to work. game 6 tomorrow. my computer got fixed today. had a nasty virus. got to the point to where i couldnt get to my home page or do anything except check my favorites. watched "while you were out." great episode as usual. about a month or two ago (or maybe longer i can't remember) i started watching "in a fix." that's a show where a home owner starts a reno job and takes forever to finish tp the point where the spouse calls up the in a fix crew to help the owner to finish the reno in 3 DAYS. by the time they are done, the finished job looks great. one other sports bit, smarty jones could do something that hasnt been done in 26 years. win the "triple crown" of horse racing. the 3 races or "jewels" are the kentucky derby, the preakness, and the belmont stakes. (that is the order of the races, by the way). smarty jones has won the first two. will he win the belmont? find out tomorrow along with the result of game 6 between calgary and tampa bay.

Thursday, June 03, 2004

game 5 is over in tampa bay. the calgary flames are one win away from their 2nd stanley cup with a 3-2 o.t. victory. game six in calgary on saturday night. here's one stat: the team that wins game 5 wins the stanley cup 80% of the time. edge to calgary. GO FLAMES GO! the excitement builds.

Wednesday, June 02, 2004

last day of my holidays is almost over. booooooooo! back to west ed. mall and earn money again. it was a much needed break from that damn mall. at least i wasnt bored. had my baseball, hockey, and basketball.people know about the last hockey game i saw. the lasat baseball game i watched was monday when the cubs beat the astros. i forgot the score of the game, though. it was fun though. especially when the cub fans get to sing in the 7th inning during stretch time (a wgn tradition at wrigley field anyways). its all good. cant wait till the next cubs home game.

Tuesday, June 01, 2004

the nba finals have been decided with detroit beating indiana tonight. the pistons will play the la lakers starting sunday night. it wont effect the stanley cup finals much with the possibility of game 7 on monday. hmmm maybe pizza and pop. mmmmmmmmm