Monday, December 31, 2012

canada wraps up group B on new years eve

canada put the finishing touches on group B with a 4-1 win over russia.  pretty good game.  canada now has a bye to the semi finals, while russia faces switzerland in one quarter final game.  earlier sweden claimed group A with a 7-4 win over finland and also has a bye into the semi finals, while the czech republic faces the united states plays in the other quarter final.  both quarter finals are on wednesday.  finland, germany, latvia and slovakia go to the relegation round where one team gets relegated to division one.

Sunday, December 30, 2012

washington takes nfc east, wild card weekend set

the washington redskins have taken the nfc east with a 28-18 win over the dallas cowboys.  washingtons running game carried the win.  they will play the seattle seahawks at home on january 6th in one wild card game.  indianapolis is at baltimore on the 6th as well.  on january 5th its the cincinnati bengals in houston to play the texans and the minnesota vikings visiting the green bay packers.   there are your wild card matchups.
final day in nfl

final regular season day in the nfl had minnesota vikings get into the playoff by winning a doozie over green bay.  with the houston texans losing, the denver broncos claimed the first seed in the afc with their win over kansas city, and at the same time the new england patriots got the second seed after beating miami 28-0.  houston has the third seed, baltimore has the fourth seed, indianapolis has the fifth seed and cincinnati has the sixth seed.  in the nfc, atlanta claimed the first seed weeks ago, san francisco got the second seed with their win and green bay losing. seattle has the fifth seed and minnesota has the sixth seed.  the fourth seed will be claimed by the winner of the washington redskins vs dallas cowboys game, which starts in about half an hour.  the winner will win the nfc east as well as the fourth seed.
canada wins close one vs united states

canada beat the u.s. 2-1 in a very good and close game.  goaltending on both sides was excellent in this one.  both goalies, john gibson of the u.s. and malcolm subban of canada, got the player of the game for each team.  canada plays russia tomorrow to round out the round robin.  game time 7am here.

Friday, December 28, 2012

canada victorious against slovakia

canada survived a competitive slovakia team by winning 6-3.  slovakia was up 2-0 and 3-1 before canada came back.  slovakia scored two of their goals with two five minute powerplays.  canada started their comeback with a powerplay goal in a 5 on 3 situation.   next game for canada is sunday against the united states.  speaking of the u.s., they play russia at 7am mt, 9am et

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

canada begins world junior quest for gold

canada began their quest for gold in ufa, russia with a 9-3 win over germany.  mark scheifele had two goals and ryan nugent-hopkins had five points in the win.  next game for canada is friday against slovakia.  it will be rocking in a couple of hours as russia begins their tournament against slovakia.

Monday, December 24, 2012

merry christmas

merry christmas to all, wherever you are.  make it a good one.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

seahawks strike gold and make playoffs

seattle seahawks massacrd san francisco 49ers 42-13 to lock up their playoff spot.  that still makes the nfc west title up for grabs as well.  that will make week 17 a heck of a week.  with two divisions (nfc west and nfc east)  up for grabs, plus three byes up for grabs (houston, denver and new england vie for two in afc while green bay, seattle or san francisco fight for the last one).  its going to be a good one next sunday.
ravens fly away with north

with a 33-14 win over the giants, the ravens claimed the AFC north.   they also snapped a two game losing strreak to claim it.  san francisco at seattle tonight, maybe for more playoff spots in the NFC.
colts cap turnaround, bengals knock out steelers

the indianapolis colts capped a remarkable turn around by winning their way into the playoffs by beating kansas city 20-13.  the colts are 10 wins and 5 losses after winning once in 16 games last year.  awesome turn around.

meanwhile the cincinnati bengals beat the pittsburgh steelers 13-10, not only putting themselves into the playoffs, but eliminating the steelers at the same time.  wow.  so all six AFC playoff spots are  taken.  they are:  the houston texans, denver broncos, new england patriots, baltimore ravens, indianapolis colts and cincinnati bengals.  cincy and baltimore will decide the AFC north.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

a white christmas in the making

by the looks of the forecast, it is to be a chilly christmas coming up.  -19 for tomorrow and in the -20s for the weekend and into christmas.  looking forward to christmas, and the new year.  makes me wonder how cold new years is going to be.  gonna be great.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

ravens fly into playoffs through back door

with the steelers losing to the cowboys, the baltimore ravens clinched a playoff spot (despite losing to denver earlier today).  the ravens have at least a wild card spot.  with them losing their previous two games, they got in the back door way.  who knows, maybe they still get the division. 
packers, texans lock in division titles

the green bay packers wrapped up the NFC north with a 21-13 win in chicago.  it is their second division in a row.  congrats to them.  meanwhile in houston, the texans put their stamp on the AFC south title with a 26-19 win over the indianapolis colts.  houston came to play.   congrats to the texans.  thats is five divisions wrapped up, three more dvisions and four wild card spots to be decided.  stay tuned.   check out for mor info.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

i got my hands on......

..... season 8 of hells kitchen and season 13 and 14 of survivor.  had to pick up hells kitchen and survivor was delivered here.  hells kitchen was delivered here but i wasnt home at the time.   here i am at home watching survivor phillipines.  its been good.  survivor finale is on sunday.

Saturday, December 08, 2012

a chilly weekend

in a midst of a chilly weekend.  last i seen it was -17.  supposed to stay there today.  throw in a wind chill and it gets bone chilling.  supposed to warm up monday and tuesday.  that is going to feel like a shock to the system.   the trees here yesterday were frost covered.  could have made a post card picture easily.   joys of winter.

Thursday, December 06, 2012

nfl run to playoffs

with four teams already in the playoffs, this weekend, i think, begins the run for the playoffs.  the denver broncos, new england patriots and atlanta falcons already winning their divisions and the houston texans already clinching a playoff spot (and close to a dvision), there are five divisions and four wild card spots up for grabs.  four weeks left in the season that began tonight with denver beating oakland 26-13 (a meaningless game except maybe for seeding).  gonna be a good run.

Saturday, December 01, 2012

a snowy beginning to december

woke up and looked outside to see snow coming down.  not snowing that much now.  not too long to christmas.  wow 24 more sleeps.  so far got my laundry almost finished.  got a load in the dryer yet.  gonna try start some christmas shopping later and watch one of my chirstmas dvd (got a choice of elf, charlie browns christmas, rudolph the red nosed reindeer, how the grinch stole christmas - tv show, and a christmas carol.  im saving a christmas carol for christmas eve).  anyways, an interesting start december.