Thursday, August 28, 2014

a 'woolly' hair cut in tasmania

there must be something in the air in tasmania. Shaun the sheep was found hiding on a farm and in need of a trim. more like a shave. after the shave, 23.5 kg, or 51.7 pounds of wool was shaved off. the sheep can see where it is going now, and probably can run quick now that there is a lot less wool on it. nearly a record amount of wool shaven off. the previous record was 27 kg or 59.4 pounds by a sheep named Shrek.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

fifa u-20 womens world cup finale and end of festival season

the fifa u-20 womens world cup is done and germany won it after beatin nigeria 1-0 in extra time. germany's third title. congrats to germany. meanwhile france beat north korea 3-2 to win third place. so there is your top four. the women's world cup is next year and again canada is hosting that one. meanwhile the fringe, from the sound of the fireworks going off (cannot believe i can hear them going off), has officialy ended, thus bringing the end to the summer of festivals for another year. the works, street performers, k-days, heritage festival and fringe in that order. even though there is still a week to go for summer. even if the calendar says the first day of fall is sept. 23, in my mind the real first day of fall is the day after labour day. thats when the kiddies go back to school. a good summer to say the least.

Friday, August 22, 2014

fall in the air, labour day around the corner

it has cooled off nicely. got to 16c here. felt a bit like fall. almost had a fall 'look' to it. not long before we start seeing some fall pennant races in baseball. but first, labour day is only over a week away. like a week from monday. kiddies will be back in school - at least those who do not have year round school. of course the CFL labour day weekend game. has the usual rivalries. winnipeg vs saskatchewan in a home and home, edmonton vs calgary in a home and home, and toronto is at hamilton on labour day. the labour day weekend is always considered teh 'real start' to the season, only because it starts the run to the post season. and the end of summer.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

things heated up, even on soccer pitch.

the fifa u-20 womens tournament is in canada and the quarter finals are already set. one game has canada vs germany at commonwealth stadium. i heard 16,000 tickets were sold andare expectin 20,000. game is at 6pm. this is also the prelude to the womens world cup, also hosted by canada in 2015. edmonton also has a few games in that tournament. good luck to canada. meanwhile it has been pretty toasty here. been pretty close to 30c for the last little while. it has been above 25 for a few weeks. i think there was one or two days where it was pretty cool. the forecast has it cooling off by next weekend. lets hope.

Sunday, August 03, 2014


got home from my vacation a couple of hours ago. it was good to get home, yet it was sad to leave Campbell River. it was a wonderful - and needed - vacation. took a couple of days to get adjusted to being at sea level. got lots of hiking done, gone to Courtney, Comox, Coombs, Cathedral Grove, took the ferry to Quadra Island, went to Moose Falls, Elk Falls, Nymph Falls, three or four rivers (can't remember their names at the moment.), seen some deer, a couple of eagles and loads of salmon jumping. i definitely want to go back. not sure when.

Friday, August 01, 2014

the beginning of august

can't believe its august already. what happened to july? it flew away. july had the end of the world cup of soccer (yay germany), truck load of baseball - including the all star game, the cfl season in full swing with a new ottawa team - the redblacks and their new stadium at lansdowne park. hamiltom will be in theirs pretty soon. construction delays pushed their first game there. oh yeah, my vacation in Campbell River, B.C. loving the vacation. sadly it ends sunday. and nascar. tomorrow is my birthday. august has the beginning of the nfl preseason, more cfl, baseball and nascar. more later