Wednesday, July 20, 2016

1956 summer olympics

Melbourne, Australia was host here. they ran from November 22nd to December 8th, right during Australia's summertime. 72 nations went to these games. due to quarantine laws, the equestrian events here held in another location. the equestrian events were in Stockholm, Sweden in June of that year. this makes it the second time the Olympics were in two different nations. 1920 was the first. these games were under Avery Brundage for the first time. in water polo, Hungary vs Soviet Union (involved in an armed conflict. Soviet Union took out the Hungarian revolution which caused three nations to boycott due to their presence here) was embroiled in a nasty match in which one Hungarian player had a nasty gash over one eye. this incident almost led to a riot, which led the police being called to settle the situation. the game was called with Hungary leading 4-0. they ended up winning gold. the entire Hungarian delegation were cheered for. Egypt, Iraq and Lebanon did not participate due to the Suez Canal crisis. either despite this, or because of this, John Ian Wing - a Melburnian of Chinese descent - wrote the IOC and suggested that all the nations march into the stadium as one at the closing ceremonies. this tradition has stuck since. Canada won 6 medals (2g, 1s, 3b) at these games. tomorrow - the 1960 games. below is the logo for these games.

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