Saturday, December 31, 2005

battle of alberta on new years eve

game just ended. calgary 6 edmonton 5. final game of 2005. see you in 2006
world jr tournament

canada just beat the u.s. 3-2. canada gets first place in pool a and gets an automatic bye to the semi finals. a great game to watch as well. us will be in one of the two quarter final games. who they will face will be decided tonight.
new years eve

that time already. got canada vs u.s. in the world jr hockey tournament. college bowl games this afternoon. and nhl hockey tonight. laundry too. 30 years tonight was the infamous new years eve game between the montreal canadiens and central red army (soviet hockey team, and they were good from what i hear). montreal outshot them 39-13, but the game finished tied at 3. i saw the game on new years eve 1994. boy was that ever a great game. danny gallivan calling the game. so a productive night tonight.

Thursday, December 29, 2005

canada vs norway

canada beat norway 4-0 tonight. they outshot norway 50-13. almost one sided. 32 penalties called tonite. personally, the officiating is killing the flow of the game, and other games of this tournament. anyways, canada plays the u.s. on new years eve. gonna be a dandy.

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

canada vs switzerland

canada just beat switzerland 4-3. the swiss played pretty damn good. the officiating stunk. thats probably made watching game more frustrating. 21 penalties in the game. missed calls that should have been, and calls that should have been weren't. canada still wins and they play norway tomorrow. the us play finland in an hour and change.

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

insight bowl

caught the last 8 minutes of this one. arizona state sun devils beat the rutgers knights 45-40. from what i heard, over 1200 combined yards for both teams (rushing and passing). this was the first college bowl game i watched. there maybe room for one or two more. the big one being the rose bowl between usc and texas. both teams 12 and 0 records. should be a dandy.

Monday, December 26, 2005

final monday night game on abc

yep, its an end of an era. the new england patriots beat the n.y. jets 31-21 at the meadowlands. abc will do the playoffs - including the super bowl. then next season, espn will take over. seeing some of the highlights from the first game from sept 21 1970 at memorial stadium in cleveland. i think the browns beat the jets that night. 36 years of memories.
boxing day and world jr. hockey

survived another boxing day. it was probably nuts in all the malls. which is why im glad i dont shop after work. somehow i dont care for crowds that well.

the world jr. hockey championships started tonight. canada just beat finland 5-1. canada plays again on wednesday against switzerland. the tournament is in vancouver.

Saturday, December 24, 2005

christmas eve

some day today. figured it would get busy today. wasnt busy that much. in the food court you could still see a fair bit of empty tables when i left at four. got home, had a bath, then tallied up all the nfl games from today. im watching the first episodes of season 3 of the dukes of hazzard. got seasons 3, 4, and 5 plus the 1976 canada cup in the mail on thursday. oh yeah, i can smell the dinner too. roast, mashed potatos, corn and other veggies, and gravy. mmmmm, my mouth is drooling. later.

Friday, December 23, 2005

friday night doubleheader

14 games tonight. rare friday night hockey night in canada double header with the christmas break tomorrowand sunday. toronto beat boston in the first game 2-1. calgary @ vancouver just started. a nice two day break - a much needed one. theres always football. so thats what is happening tonight.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

the torino 2006 poster

title of this entry says it all. i found it on this site has all the posters, logos and mascots of the olympics and major soccer tournaments. 51 days to the beginning of the winter games. they run from feb 10-26, 2006. cant wait.

Monday, December 19, 2005

monday night football

this one was a blowout right from the getgo. baltimore beat green bay 48-3. baltimore played well, while green bay didnt play with any intensity. this MAY have been brett favre's last prime time game. whether he returns or not for next season is up to him. the last ever m.n.f. game on abc is next week where the patriots visit the meadowlands to play the jets. there will be some playoff games on abc, including the super bowl. the first ever m.n.f. game was in 1970 in cleveland. i like watching clips of some of the games between 1970 and now. more next week.

Sunday, December 18, 2005

sunday night football

this was quite the game here. the bears beat the falcons 16-3. the bears defense continously frustrated michael vick and the atlanta falcons. i didnt get the numbers, but i can imagine the atlanta totals are pretty low. that says something to the bears defense. m.n.f tomorrow. green bay at baltimore. next weekend - the christmas weekend. so lots of games christmas eve. then the final weekend of the season on the new years weekend. then playoff time.

Saturday, December 17, 2005

christmas memory

walking by a yard with a bunch of trees in the back yard made me think of this one. way back in 1994 when darren, jennifer and i went to jennifer's parents farm near onoway, cutting down a tree for christmas. just the whole trip there made it fun. lots of snow. my feet froze a bit. mind you i wore shoes, not thinking i couldve wore boots. a fun day. cant remember whether we had lunch or dinner there. anyways a fun memory
saturday night excitement

gotta love saturday nights. ya got hockey galore tonight. toronto and ottawa are in the first intermission with the score tied at one. the oilers and canucks are the second game of the h.n.i.c. double header. two of 12 games tevevised on cbc tonite. that and laundry on top of that, which makes for a productive night. cant go wrong there.

update: ottawa 8 toronto 2. game 2 of the double header. five minutes in, vancouver 1 edmonton 0.

update 2: edmonton 5 vancouver 4 in overtime. fun game here. quick paced game. edmonton was down 4-2 and came back to win it.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

slow evening

not much to do tonight. spent my evening watching some of season 2 of the dukes of hazzard. now im listening to christmas music. i havent seen the dukes movie and im not so sure i want to see it. ive seen the trailer to it and somehow it didnt get me excited. and reading some comments from people they didnt care too much for it. i'll stick with the t.v series for now. b.t.w. ive already got seasons 3, 4, and 5 ordered. that's all for now, and im gone

Sunday, December 11, 2005

survivor guatamala

danni boatwright has just won survivor guatamala. she won the million bucks and a 2006 pontiac. she played awesome. she did what she had to do to win it. had her all the way. she's happy, and im happy for her. congrats to danni

Saturday, December 10, 2005

flames jersey

heres me in one of the flames jerseys. the road white. the home red ones are HUGELY popular. they're playing now on hockey night in canada. trailing 1-0 to ottawa.

update: calgary 2 ottawa 1. final in overtime. WOOOOOHOOOOO!

Thursday, December 08, 2005

sombre 25th anniversary

december 8 1980. 25 years ago tonite was the assassination of john lennon. the music world lost a good one. ive heard a few songs he sang (so this is christmas comes to mind, and ive taped that one). although ive never heard all of them, he was damn good. im sure other people followed his career more (i was 6 when he got shot). feel free to leave a comment. that way i can get a better understanding of john lennon
survivor guatamala

survivor guatamala is nearing the end. the second to last episode is tonite at 9 with the 3 hour episode on sunday (2 hour episode plus the one hour reunion). cant wait. who will earn the title "survivor guatamala." stay tuned.

Monday, December 05, 2005

monday night football

seattle blew out philadelphia badly 42-0. the seattle defense scored 21 points off of two interceptions and a fumble recovery. plus the snow was flying in philly. quite the one-sided game. which john madden asked "is seattle playing that good or is philly playing that bad?" next m.n.f. game is next week in atlanta.

Saturday, December 03, 2005

winters arrival

its arrived. finally. got the snow. got the chilly weather. i like it. nice enough to take a walk, providing you can tolerate -15c weather. just need some more snow. barely got enough to cover the ground. some places has grass showing. oh well. im loving the crunching sound when walking on the snow or the sound the tires make on the snow.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

happy december

man, december already. okay what happened in november? eskimos win grey cup. tony stewart won the nascar championship. he handled this championship better than the one he won in 2002. that year, he let his temper get the better of him. this year he handled himself better and had a more positive attitude. him and greg zippadeli (tonys crew chief) are quite the team. hopefully they win more championships. hockey kicked it up a notch. whats up for december? more hockey and the nfl playoff run. and the world junior hockey championships late in the month. anyways, thats it for now.