Saturday, December 31, 2011

new years eve hockey

what a final day of round robin in the world juniors.  sweden just beat russia 4-3 in overtime after being down 0-3.  canada beat the u.s. 3-2, slovakia beat switzerland 6-4 and finland beat the czechs 4-0.  this means canada and sweden finished first in their pools and has byes into the semis, the czechs will face russia in one quarter final and finland will play slovakia in the other.  switzerland will go to the relegation round.   meanwhile the last nhl game of 2011 will go to the kings as they beat the canucks 4-1.  see you in the new year.

Friday, December 30, 2011

a fun friday with the world juniors

while at work, i met some of the czech republic players in galaxyland.  while conversing with them, i had asked if they had played their game already and one of the players said they had won 5-2 over the u.s.  another player said they're in the quarter finals and the u.s. is out.  the czech republis IS in the quarter finals and the u.s IS out and in the relegation round (huge surprise).  with finland beating denmark, group b (canada's group)  will finish with canada first and in the semi finals.  the czech republic and finland is in the quarters.  they play each other tomorrow for position and who they play from the other group.  the u.s. and denmark are in the relegation round along with latvia from group A.  the top four spots are still up for grabs.  four games tomorrow.  new years eve is going to be fun.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

canada in a rout

canada goes to three wins and no losses with a rather convincing 10-2 win over denmark.  pretty much all canada.  mark stone had two goals and canada scored two shorthanded goals.  denmark got both their goals on the power play.   next game for canada is new years eve against the united states.  that one should be a good one.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

world juniors day three

third day of the world juniors and first surprise result as finland beat the u.s. 4-1.  the u.s. for strethes outplayed finland, yet the finnish goalie kept them at bay.  two goals in 29 seconds in the third was the turning point.  canada vs czech rep. is at 6pm here.  update later.

update:  canada 5 czech rep 0.  canada two wins and no losses so far.  next game is tomorrow vs denmark tomorrow at 6pm edmonton time

Monday, December 26, 2011

boxing day hockey madness

it was boxing day and as usual it was busy in the shopping malls.  survived working in west ed mall.  god it was a mad house.  i manages so sneak a few peeks at the opening game of the world juniors between canada and finland.  canada blew them out 8-1.  very happy with the result.  next game is wednesday vs czech rep.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

its christmas eve

twas the night before christmas and the roast is in the stove, the potatoes on the stove, the veggies soon to come and the punch made.  gonna be an awesome christmas dinner with the roomate.  soon the presents willl be opened.   mmmmmm gonna be good tonight.  and beware of santa

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

the beginning of winter - oficcialy today

around 10:30pm tonight will mark the official beggining of winter.  the shortest day of the year.  unless you're in the southern hemisphere then it's the first day of summer.  wherever you are enjoy the day.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

a week from winter and 10 days to christmas

unbelievable.  next wednesday is the first day of winter and its hardly felt like it.  not much snow on the ground.  not much when you can see grass still.  hasnt been that cold here either.  a coupe two or three day stretches tahts about it.

on top of that we're only ten days to christmas.  its getting close fast.  somehow it always does.  watched the grinch (the tv show from 1966) on dvd last night and going to watch rudolph (tv show anyways) and more simpsons. joy.

Thursday, December 08, 2011

red green, the simpsons and a bit of charlie brown

finished watching the last of the red green show tuesday night.  finished of season 15 in the "geezer years" installment.  15 seasons and 300 episodes that show went.  not too bad considering i got the delinquient years (seasons 7-9), the mid life crisis years (seasons 10-12), and the geezer years (13-15) mover the span of four months.

after finishing red green, i started watching season 14 of the simpsons.  i picked that up on tuesday - the same day it came out here.  happy with it so far.

yesterday i watched the charlie brown christmas i have on dvd.  tonight i watch "its chrismastime again charlie brown."  its on the same disk as the charlie brown christmas.  hmmmm if i can get survivor thailand and survivor amazon i would be happy

Saturday, December 03, 2011

its definitely the holiday season

it's beggining to look a lot like christmas and now that it is snowing again it sure is.  the last snowfall melted a bit.  with the wind yesterday that got chaotic.  the sind was strong enough it blew a sign over in the west end.  southern alberta got some nasty winds earlier this week.  then some snow on top of that.  my christmas stuff is up already so im good there.  so in te meantime im watching it snow and getting my laundry done before going to work.