Sunday, July 31, 2016

2000 summer olympics

Sydney, Australia was host of these games. it was held from September 15 - October 1. 199 nations attended these games. Ian Thorpe was the first star of the games. first he set a world record in the 400m freestyle, then, while anchoring the 4x100m freestyle, he passed the leading American and beat the American by two tenths of a second, winning another gold. Simon Whitfield of Canada won the first triathlon. in the 200m freestyle Peter van den Hoogenband beat out Ian Thorpe and claimed a gold at the same time. the U.S. swim team of B.J. Bedford, Megan Quann, Jenny Thompson and Dara Torres was the first women's relay team to race under four minutes, wining in 3:58 and claiming a world record. Cathy Freeman won the 400m final in front of a jubilant home crowd in Sydney. the win made her the first athlete to win a gold after lighting the cauldron. one memorable moment happened between the U.S. and France in basketball. Vince Carter, getting the ball after a steal, drove to the net with 7'2" Frederic Weis. the 6'6" Carter jumped, spread his legs scraped over Weis and dunked the ball. it is one of the most scene and well known dunks ever. Cameroon beat Spain for gold in soccer in penalty kicks 5-3. Canada won 14 medals (3g 3s 8b) at these games. tomorrow the Olympics makes its return home to Greece in 2004. below is the logo for the 2000 games.

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