Saturday, July 23, 2016

1968 summer olympics

Mexico City was host this year. it was held from October 12 to 27. second Olympics in a row and third of four that it was held in the fall. 112 nations participated in these games. in terms of elevation, these were the highest games at 2240m (7350ft) above sea level. it turns out the high elevation had an influence on most of the events, especially in track and field. Bob Beamon had one of those records in the long jump. he went 8.9 m, or 29.2 ft, which broke the record by 55cm (22 in). it was eventually broken in 1991 by Mike Powell. East and West Germany competed as separate countries. the IOC forced them to compete together in 1956, 1960 and 1964. Al Oerter won his 4th consecutive gold in discus, becoming the first to do so in track and field and the second overall. Dick Fosbury won the high jump gold using the technique that was named after him - the Fosbury Flop. this was the first of three times Jacques Rogge participated in yachting. he would be president of the IOC later. Norma Enriqueta Basilio de Sotelo was the first woman to light the cauldron. these games were in color for the first time during t he events as well as the closing ceremonies. Canada introduced its flag at these games (the flag made its first Olympic appearance at the 1968 winter Olympics in Grenoble). Canada won 5 medals (1g, 3s, 1b) here. tomorrow - the 1972 games in Munich. below is the logo for these games.

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