Saturday, July 16, 2016

1932 summer olympics

these games were in Los Angeles. they were held from July 30-August 14, in the midst of the world wide great depression. Los Angeles was the only city that bid. many of the athletes and nations couldn't afford to go. 37 nations did actually go. highlights include: an Olympic village was used for the first time. the victory podium was used for the first time. three nations took part in field hockey. the U.S. lost 24-1 to India and 9-1 to Japan and they still got the bronze. the 3000m steeplechase had a lap counting error. this led to one extra lap in the race. apparently the official who was supposed to ring the bell got distracted watching some of the decathletes taking part in the long jump. the race ended up 3460m. the winner had such a big lead he would have won either way. but it affected the silver and bronze position. Volmarri Iso-Hollo of Finland won (he would have had a world record had the error not happen. Joe McCluskey of the U.S. was in second after 3000m but was passed by Tom Evenson of Great Britian. Takeichi Nishi of Japan won gold in the show jumping event in equestrian on his horse Uranus. to date, that is Japans only gold in the equestrian event. the Japan swimming team won all but one swimming events. one of the early big upsets in swimming. Dunc Grey won Australia's first cycling medal, winning the 1000m time trial in a world record time of 1m13s. the velodrome in Sydney Australia, built for the 2000 summer games there, was named after him. the U.S. ran away with the most medals with 103. Italy was a distant second with 36. Canada won 15 medals (2g 5s 8b) below is the logo for these games.

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