Monday, October 17, 2016

when earthquake disrupts series

on this day in 1989 at 6:04pm Edmonton time, a magnitude 6.9 earthquake struck the bay area cancelling game three of the world series between San Francisco and Oakland (both in the bay area). introductions prior to game three were happening and ABC was showing highlights of game two when the earthquake happened. this was the only time an earthquake was caught live on TV. major damage was shown, especially part of the double decker Nimitz Freeway where a section of the second level collapsed down, and part of the Bay Bridge collapse. 57 people were killed and six others died were caused indirectly from the quake. despite those numbers, there was not as much traffic because people were either at Candlestick Park, left work early to go home or to the game, or at an office watch party. the series resumed 10 days later when engineers said that Candlestick Park was safe to use. the Oakland A's won games three and four to win the series in four straight.

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