Saturday, October 01, 2016

on this day in baseball

On this day in 1961, Roger Maris broke Babe Ruth's single season home run record, hitting his 61st on the final day of the season as the New York Yankees beat the Boston Red Sox 1-0 at Yankee Stadium. by the A.L. adding two teams and the schedule expanding to 162 games, it allowed Maris an extra eight games. an asterisk was used, with pundits saying Ruth had 8 less games to get to 60. the record stood till 1998. Also on this day in 1903, the first World Series game was played as the Pittsburgh Pirates beat the Boston Americans (later Red Sox) 7-3. that first World Series was a best of 9 series. Pittsburgh had a three games to one lead, but Boston won the last 4 games to win that first series five games to three. one of Boston's stars was pitcher Cy Young, while one of Pittsburgh's stars was Honus Wagner. also on this day in 1932, Babe Ruth of the Yankees "called his shot" in game 3 of the world series between the Yankees and the Chicago Cubs in Chicago. the top of the fifth inning is when the stuff of legend happened. with the score tied at four, Ruth came to bat. the crowd was raucous when he came up, throwing stuff and hurling insults. Ruth returned the favour by chirping in between pitches. even the Cubs bench was razzing Ruth. with the count at no balls and two strike is when he allegedly pointed to centerfield. some say he was pointing at the Cubs bench with the suggestion he still had one strike left. Ruth then launched Charlie Root's third pitch into the centerfield seats that put the Yankees up 5-4. Lou Gehrig followed by hitting a homer of his own to make it 6-4. the Yankees won game three 7-5 and the series in four straight. the stuff of legend to be sure. that is it so far for this day on baseball.

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