Saturday, October 01, 2016

how about a little Aussie Rules Footy

it was a pretty good one until midway into the 4th quarter. the Western Bulldogs pulled away and beat the Sydney Swans 13.11.89 to 10.7.67, ending a 62 year drought in between championships. 1954 was indeed the last one they won. they had lost their last one in 1961. wow. to those who are looking at the scoring and thinking "i don't get it" the 13 that the Bulldogs had and the 10 that Sydney has are 6 points - or goals. the 11 the Bulldogs had and the 7 Sydney had are one point - or behinds (don't ask i don't know) that is how the score the points. there are four posts at either end. two long goal posts in between two short posts. kick the ball between two middle long posts is the goal kick the ball between a short one and a long one is the behind. that is my best explanation for the points scored. it would be better explained by an Aussie who knows the game better. anyways that is the Grand Final in the Australian Football League.

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