Saturday, May 13, 2017

W.H.C. day 9

Switzerland was trailing 2-0, came back and beat Canada in OT 3-2.  wow.  Canada deserved to lose that one.  earlier Belarus beat Slovenia 5-2 and Finland beat Norway in OT 3-2.  Canada still leads with 12 pts, Switzerland with 11, Czech Republic with 10, Finland with 9, Norway with 8, France with 7, Belarus with 4 and Slovenia with 1 and is relegated to Div. 1a.  in Germany, the Germans beat Italy 4-1, Russia beat 6-0 and the U.S. beat Latvia 5-3.  Russia leads with 14 pts, the U.S. with 12, Sweden with 10, Latvia and Germany with 9, Slovakia and Denmark with 4 and Italy with 1.  tomorrows games has:  Slovakia vs U.S., Denmark vs Sweden, France vs Czech Republic and Switzerland vs Finland.

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