Tuesday, May 09, 2017

W.H.C day 5

in the capper, France just beat Switzerland 4-3 in the shoot out.  was a pretty decent game.  earlier Norway beat Slovakia 5-1.  Canada still leads with 9 pts, Switzerland and Norway has 6 pts each, Czech Republic and France with 5, Finland with 4, Slovenia with 1 and Belarus with none.  in Germany, Denmark beat Slovakia 4-3, also a shootout and Latvia beat Italy 2-1.  Latvia leads the group with 9 pts, Russia has 8, the U.S. with 6, Sweden has 4, Germany and Slovakia with 3, Denmark with 2 and Italy with one.  everyone has played three games.  tommorow's games include: U.S. vs Italy, Slovakia vs Germany, Switzerland vs Belarus and Finland vs Slovenia.

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