Sunday, May 07, 2017

W.H.C. day 3

day three is done.  Latvia won its second game, beating Slovakia 3-1.  earlier the U.S. beat Denmark 7-2 and Russia blew out Italy.  Latvia leads the Germany group with six points, then Russia with 5, Sweden with 4,  the U.S. and Germany with 3, Slovakia with 2, Italy with 1 and Denmark.  in France, Switzerland beat Norway 3-0 in the night cap, Canada beat Slovenia 7-2 this morning and France beat Finland 5-1.  after this game for the player of the game awards, the French fans were chanting "Hardy Hardy" for Florian Hardy.  Pierre-Edouard Delemare ended up winning it.  he reluctantly went up, then told one of the presenters to let Hardy win it, which was granted. Hardy was definitely outstanding. it was also France's first win over Finland in their 9th game.  so Canada leads with 6 pts, Switzerland with 5, then a log game for 3rd ti 6th with three pts (France, Czech Rep, Norway and Finland)., then Slovenia with 1 and Belarus with 0.  tomorrows games has Germany vs Russia, USA vs Sweden, Belarus vs Canada and Finland vs Czech Rep.

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