Thursday, August 04, 2016

2016 summer games

it is almost here. the Rio games begin tomorrow and end on August 21st. an expected 206 nations to be at the games. over 11,000 athletes also to be at these games. there will be a refugee Olympic team for the first time. many things leading up to these games - zika, garbage near where the sailing and open water swimming will be. how many records will fall? who will win the first gold? how many medals will Canada win? they will be sending 314 athletes to the games (127 men and 187 women. although I have seen 128 men and 315 athletes). Shallon Olsen will be the youngest at 16 years old (one of four athletes born this century). the oldest is 56 year old Lesley Thompson-Willie, who is the coxswain in the women's eights. this is her 8th games. Georgia Simmerling will be the first Canadian athlete to compete in three different games in three different sports (2010 - alpine skiing, 2014 - freestyle skiing and track cycling this year). soccer has already started yesterday. the men have started today with Iraq and Denmark playing to a scoreless draw. stay tuned to this blog and to for further updates. opening ceremonies are at 5pm Edmonton time. 4:30pm for the pre-show. enjoy and stay tuned. below is the logo for these games.

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