Monday, July 31, 2017

possible double allocation

tomorrow is the possible announcement that L.A. will pull out of the 2024 Olympics and solely run for 2028, leaving Paris to have 2024.  both can be "officially" announced September 13 in Lima, Peru.  although rare, this has happened before.  infact a century ago.  and it also involved Paris and Los Angeles.  Pierre de Coubertin came up with the plan in Lausanne at the 1921 IOC session.  the world was still reeling after the first world war and sport was struggling.  de Coubertin came up with the plan of having to decide back to back hosts and wanted both hosts in Europe to keep travel costs down.  there were two different votes.  first one was for the double allocation announcement, the second was to announce the games announcement.  Paris was awarded the 1924 games, and it was Amsterdam was announced the 1928 hosts over L.A.  L.A. was eventually chosen to host the 1932 games unopposed at a later session.  if this years double announcement holds, two streaks will be kept alive.  1. it will be the second straight first-in-line dual award win for Paris, and 2.  2028 will be Los Angeles' third straight unopposed vote (1932 and 1984).  more info on

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