Wednesday, July 12, 2017

on this day in

1.  in 1979, the most ill fated promotions happened.  Disco Demolition night was in between games of a double header between the Detroit Tigers and Chicago White Sox in Chicago.  Detroit had won the first game 4-1.  then came the promotion.  Steve Dahl headed the promotion, and the days leading to the promotion had invited radio listeners to bring their records they wanted destroyed to the ball park and they could get in for 98 cents (the radio station frequency of WLUP was 97.9).  the promotion ended up filling the ball park and an extra 15 to 20 thousand stuck out side Comiskey Park (some didn't stay out for long).  Harry Caray had even commented during the first game that there was "and odor of marijuana in the air."  first game ended, and soon afterwards Dahl, his broadcasting partner Garry Meier and Lorelei raced onto the field on an ATV with the box of records and a detonater.  after making a speech he detonated the box, blew up the records and destroyed part of the field in the process.  then came the people onto the field.  since all the security guards were at the gates, that left the field unprotected.  a bonfire was in centerfield, the batting cage was destroyed, the bases and home plate were stolen as well as some bats, some of the grass was ripped up.  eventually, Chicago police in full riot gear showed up to control the rowdiness.  second game of the double header was first postponed then eventually forfeited.   a wild night.

2.  in 1901 Cy Young of the Boston Americans wins his 300th game,  beating the Philadelphia Athletics 5-3.  in a career that started in 1890 and ended in 1911, won 511 games, still a record to this day.  the  Cy Young award was created - first as best pitcher of MLB, then as best pitcher in the A.L. and N.L.

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