Friday, June 23, 2017

today in 1894

on this day in 1894 the Olympic movement was founded.  the movement was created by Baron Pierre de Coubertin, inspired to create the games after attending the Olympian Games, held by the Wenlock Olympian Society, in 1890.  at meeting of the first Olympic Congress (June 16-23 under the newly created IOC) de Coubertin brought ideas and work created by Evangelos Zappas (held an Olympic games precursor in Athens in 1859) and William Penny Brookes (Wenlock Olympian Society). on the last day of the Congress, it was decided that the first Olympic Games would be held in 1896 in Athens. (de Coubertin wanted the first games in Paris in 1900 and was convinced to hold them in Athens in 1896.  Paris still got the 1900 games)  Demetrius Vikelas was named first president until the first games were held.  Pierre de Coubertin then became president until 1925 when Henri de Bailet-Latour.  de Coubertin had stepped down after the Paris games in 1924.  today every nation has been to at least one Summer games, the evolution of the Winter games, Paralympic games and Youth Olympics.  Olympic Day is held on this day every year to celebrate the creation.

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