Wednesday, June 28, 2017

a somber on this day

in 1981, Terrance Stanley Fox passes away due to pneumona and a chest infection after cancer had spread to his lungs a few months before.  he had originally lost his right leg after osteosarcoma was found in his knee.  Fox thought it came from a car accident in which he came out with a sore knee.  doctors said otherwise.  the knee started hurting again when he had it looked at and discovered the osteosarcoma.  on April 12, 1980.  he started the Marathon of Hope in St. Johns Newfoundland.  he started it after dipping his right leg into the Atlantic before starting his run.  on September 1 outside of Thunder Bay, he was forced to abandon his run when he suffered an intense coughing fin and suffered congestion in his chest.  he asked to be taken to the hospital.  he announced that cancer had come and spread to his lungs and was forced to abandon his cross country journey.  he had gone 143 days, 5373km (3339 miles) and had raised $1.7 million for cancer research.  in the months after, he was getting treatment, but were not helping.  he had developed a chest infection and picked up pneumonia.  he fell into a coma and died in the early hours of June 28 1981.  The Terry Fox Run began in September of 1981 thanks to one of Fox's early supporters - Isador Sharp the founder of the Four Seasons Hotel. the first run raised $3.5 million and 300,000 people ran across Canada.  the run still continues to this date.

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