Monday, April 03, 2017

women's hockey championships

the U.S hung on to beat Finland 5-3.  Finland gave the U.S. a run like the did with Canada.  earlier in group A, Canada beat out Russia 8-0. U.S. finishes first with 9 points and goes into the semis.  Canada, Finland and Russia each finished with 3 points and a win and two losses.  first tie break was head to head wins and losses.  each team won one and lost to the other.  (Canada beating Russia and losing to Finland, Finland beating C and losing to Russia, Russia beating Finland and losing to Canada).  next tie break was goals differential . Canada with a +5, Finland with a -2 and Russia with a -14.  so Canada finishes second and goes to the semi finals with the U.S.  Finland finishes 3rd and Russia 4th.  both Finland and Russia are in the quarter finals.  in pool B, Switzerland beat Germany 4-2 and Sweden beat the Czech Republic 3-1. Germany and Sweden finishes with 6 points. Germany beat Sweden earlier in the tournament and will finish first, and Sweden second.  Germany will face Russia in one quarter final game, while Sweden faces Finland in the other.  the quarter final games are tomorrow.  Swizterland and Czech Republic will play a best of three relegation series. game one of that is tomorrow.

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