Saturday, April 01, 2017

2017 womens hockey championships day 2

big time upset.  Finland just beat Canada 4-3 and has scored their first ever win over Canada (1-20)  Canada is now 0-2 while Finland is 1-1.  earlier the U.S. beat Russia 7-0.  the U.S. is 2-0,and Russia is tied with Finland at 1-1 (U.S. 6pts, Russia and Finland 3pts and Canada 0 pts).  in group B, Germany beat Czech Republic 2-1 and goes to 2-0. while Czech Rep is at an over time loss and a regulation loss.  also Sweden beat Switzerland 2-1.  Sweden is at 1-1 and Switzerland is at an OT win and a regulation loss (Germany 6pts, Sweden 3 pts, Switzerland 2pts and Czech Rep 1pt).  next games are on Monday.

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