Thursday, March 09, 2017

world baseball classic day 4 part 2

South Korea beat out Chinese Taipei 11-8 in 10 innings. South Korea finishes 1-2 and is qualified for the 2021 tournament (along with Israel and Netherlands). in pool B, Australia blew out China 11-0 (8 innings). China is eliminated at 0-2, while Japan (2-0) Cuba and Australia (each 1-1) is qualified for the 2021 tournament. Japan has top spot in Pool B (already beat Cuba and Australia) and is moving onto the second round. tomorrows games has Australia vs Cuba (which starts at 8pm tonight Edmonton time) and China vs Japan at 3am Edmonton time. pool C begins tonight as Canada faces Dominican Republic at 4pm, while pool D begins with Mexico vs Italy at 7pm.

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