Monday, March 13, 2017

a lengthy slugfest to end Day 7

Mexico built a 5-0 lead and barely hung on to win 11-9 over Venezuela creating a three way tie for second with Mexico, Venezuela and Italy tied with 1-2 records. Venezuela ends up eliminated and Mexico plays Italy in a tiebreak game to go to the second round later tonight. not sure how the formula for that came up. Italy and Mexico are also qualified for the 2021 tournament. this game took 4h44m. long night. so later today has Netherlands vs Israel at 4am and Italy vs Mexico at 7pm (times are Edmonton time). UPDATE. the tie break game is Italy vs Venezuela. here is how (i haven't figured out. i think its Runs against/ Innings pitced that broke it Rk Team v t e W L HTH RA IPD RA/IPD 1 Puerto Rico 3 0 − 2 Italy 1 2 1−1 20 19.0 1.053 3 Venezuela 1 2 1−1 21 19.0 1.105 4 Mexico 1 2 1−1 19 17.0 1.117

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