Tuesday, May 17, 2016

final day of round robin

a good final day of round robin. Czech Republic beat Switzerland 5-4, Norway beat Latvia 3-1 and Russia beat Sweden 4-1 to round out Group A. Czech Republic wins group A with 18, Russia also had 18, but the Czechs had beaten Russia during round robin, Sweden with 13, Denmark with 11, Norway and Switzerland with 8, Latvia with 6 and Kazakhstan with 2. Kazakhstan is relegated. in group B, Slovakia beat the U.S. in overtime 3-2, Belarus beat France 3-0 and Finland beat Canada 4-0. Finland takes group B with 21 pts, Canada has 18, then Germany with 13, the U.S. with 10, Slovakia with 8, Belarus with 6, France with 5, and Hungary with 3. Hungary is relegated. Slovenia and Italy will be coming up for next years tournament. the quarter finals has: the Czech Republic vs the U.S. at 7:15 am, Finland vs Denmark, also at 7:15am, Canada vs Sweden at 11:15am and Russia vs Germany, also at 11:15am. all times Edmonton time. quarter finals are on Thursday.

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