Saturday, May 14, 2016

day 9 of world championships

in Moscow, Sweden beat Norway 3-2, Russia beats Switzerland 5-1 and Latvia beat Kazakhstan 2-1.the Czech Rep. still leads the group with 14 pts, then Russia with 12, Sweden with 11, Switzerland with 7, Denmark and Latvia with 6, Norway with 5 and Kazakhstan with 2. Kazakhstan has been relegated to division 1A. meanwhile in St. Petersburg, Finland beat France 3-1, Hungary beat Belarus, and Canada beat Slovakia 5-0. the win by Hungary was its first in 77 years. February 3 1939 was their last win, 8-1 over Belgium. Canada and Finland are still tied for first with 15 pts each, the U.S. has 9, Germany with 7, Slovakia with 6, France with 5, Hungary and Belarus each have 3. tomorrow has Denmark vs Czech Republic, Swizterland vs Sweden, Germany vs U.S. and Slovakia vs Finland.

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