Tuesday, October 18, 2005

question about "restrictor plate racing"

i was reading a comment by darren and he asked what restrictor plate racing was. (i think the entry was after the talladega race on the second of this month). heres the answer. the use of the restrictor plate is to cut down the horse power, which generates speed. the more horse power, the more speed. the only places the plates are used is in talladega and daytona. not only are they 2.5 miles or longer, but if you watch a race from either track, you notice the tracks are wide as well. the result is the cars are bunched up in one "glob" which makes for exciting racing. the downside is the inevitable big wreck. other places like pocono are the size of daytona, BUT they dont use the plate there for two reasons. 1. the shape of the track. its 3 sided. and 2. the thought of going into one of three turns that close together could lead to some serious problems. different kinds of tracks, different kinds of racing. and darren was under the immpresion that i dont like restrictor plate racing. i personally did not say that. i was saying that mark martin didnt excatly enjoy it. i just dont like the big wrecks, although the close racing would pull anyone to the edge. anyways i hope that answers the 'restrictor plate" question.

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