Tuesday, August 08, 2017

on this day in...

1. in 1976, the Chicago White Sox play the first game of a double header against the Kansas City Royals wearing shorts with their jerseys.  they stole 5 bases with the shorts and won 5-2.  they play the second game in regular pants and lost 7-1.  that was the last of a 5 game series.  they had also played a double header two days prior.

2. in 1988 the Chicago Cubs attempted to play their first ever night game at Wrigley Field.  they had turned on the lights, but Mother Nature had other plans.  with the Cubs up 3-1 and the Philadelphia Phillies finished the top of the 4th, it started to rain as a thunderstorm rolled in.  it was first suspended, then called off.  as the game did not reach the 5th inning, it was not an official game.  the Cubs played their first official game the next night against the N.Y. Mets and won 6-4.

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