Thursday, November 03, 2016

some things that had happened since Cubs last world series

in 1908, there were 46 U.S. states, 9 Canadian provinces and two Canadian territories. New Mexico (1912), Arizona (1912), Alaska (1959) and Hawaii (1959) became states. Newfoundland & Labrador became a Canadian province in 1949 and Nunavut became a Canadian territory in 1999. Converse shoe company was formed the same year the Cubs won the 1908 world series. the Titanic was designed, built, sailed, sunk and rediscovered. the USSR was created, and eventually crumbled. Canadian women were given the right to vote in federal elections. radio was invented. the television was invented later. that is some of what happened.


Ross said...

Two World Wars, Invention of computers, and pulled pork. Cars have come a long way as have planes and telephones. We are now in outer space, have been to the moon, and have an International Space Station. To name a few more.

chris said...

its funny i saw this comment on facebook before here. hmmmm